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Charlie Halleck is presented with a street sign bearing his name.

Happy Birthday Charlie Halleck

Posted on Fri 08/21/2015 | in Between the Lines

DeMotte statesman was born 115 years ago Saturday

Charles A. Halleck was one of DeMotte’s renowned sons.  He was born August 22, 1900 in a small house near the railroad tracks to Abraham and Lura Halleck.  His parents moved to Rensselaer when he was a small child.

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man trying to lift a person out of a large pile of paper sheets

Keep from drowning in homework with our new Student Portal

Posted on Thu 08/13/2015 | in Just for Teens

Do you think you have too much homework?

Well, you may be right.

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coloring paper dolls

You'll Find Your Very Own 'One of a Kind' New Fiction Title @ JCPL!

Posted on Mon 08/3/2015 | in Good reads @ JCPL

It is said that no two snowflakes are alike. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomena; something to do with ice, molecules, hydrogen and oxygen. I am no scientist, but I do know that when it comes to the human race, no two people are exactly alike, either.

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