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Graphic of the pi symbol hovering over several hundred digits of pi.

Are you ready for Pi Day?

Posted on Mon 03/13/2017 | in Between the Lines

If you recognize the number or symbol in the graphic, then you might be among those who will be looking forward to March 14 when National Pi Day is celebrated. 

March 14 is Pi Day, a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) (and to eat lots of pie). 

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Sketch of text: March is National Craft Month

Get your craft on during National Craft Month

Posted on Thu 03/2/2017 | in Between the Lines

Great news for the creatively gifted, and for those who don’t consider themselves such.  March is National Craft Month!

What a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of all the Jasper County Libraries offer in the way of materials to stoke those creative juices.

Books and magazines abound with all manner of ideas, and all ages are served in this genre.

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Drawing of a young woman presenting portraits of Washington and Lincoln.

What do we celebrate in February?

Posted on Mon 02/20/2017 | in Between the Lines

On the third Monday in February, dating back to 1885, we celebrate a federal holiday called ‘Washington’s Birthday’.  Many people refer to the day as ‘President’s Day’, but that is not the official name.

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