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Let JCPL help with Back to School

Posted on Fri 08/17/2018 | in Between the Lines

The new school year is fast approaching along with the excitement of your kids seeing their friends and teachers again.  After enjoying some time off from math and science it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

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A booklist for working on your friendships

Posted on Mon 07/23/2018 | in Between the Lines

July 30th is the International Day of Friendship. Most of us have friends that we can count on but have you thought about what kind of friend you are to others?

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Time Flies! Spend it With These New Titles From JCPL!

Posted on Mon 07/2/2018 | in Good reads @ JCPL

Twenty years is a long time, but the older I get the faster time goes. Time flies; that is the phrase used when we can’t fathom how quickly the days have passed. For example, I remember when the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling was introduced, and became such a hot item that the reserve list was as long as my arm. Well, I’m short, but the list was really LONG.

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