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Stuffed animals wearing superhero costumes.

Stuffed-animal superhero academy was a blast

Posted on Tue 09/15/2015 | in News 4 Kids

Hello boys and girls!

My name is Darby and I live in the big doghouse over at the Wheatfield Library. I spend most of my time lying on top of the dog house roof, but last month we had a bit of excitement at the library. 

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red autumn tree on a hill with other autumn trees and blue skies

Autumn's beauty is a great reason to plan a road trip

Posted on Mon 09/14/2015 | in Between the Lines

Living in Indiana, one becomes familiar with nature's knack for being frivolous. Just when summer seems to have come to an end, temperatures climb.

There are, however, clear indicators that autumn follows on the heels of summer. Certainly the emerging colors of the sumac and sassafras in the woods are a portent of cooler days.

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girl contorting her tongue and crossing her eyes

Enjoy These New Adult Fiction Titles Thoroughly, Through and Through!

Posted on Wed 09/2/2015 | in Good reads @ JCPL

American pianist, conductor and composer, David Burge had it right when he said, “Yes, the English language can be weird. It can be understood through tough, thorough thought, though.”

Though the thought behind this tough sentence might be thorough, the toughest thought, is that although thorough, it may be true, through and through.

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