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1968 - DeMotte Library Moves to New Location


February 1968 in DeMotte, IN

From the Kankakee Valley Post - January 4, 1968

The DeMotte Branch Library, housed in the Kankakee Valley Post building since it opened in the fall of 1966, will move to their new location in downtown DeMotte sometimes this month.

The new site of the library will be the bulding owned by George Konovsky which was previously occupied by DeMotte Hardware. DeMotte Hardware moved to the building formerly occupied by DeYoung Implement. Aproval for the move was given Friday evening at the County Library Board Meeting in Rensselaer, and a lease is expected to be signed next week.

Although the library has done well since it opened in the Kankakee Valley Post building, it has run out of room for book display. At the present time, the library has no more room for new books although several thousand dollars have been appropriated for new books for the DeMotte Branch for the new year. The new location will offer unlimited room for book display and it is hoped that within a short time, tables and chairs can be acquired for a 'reading and study section.'"

Picture is of the DeMotte Branch Library sign near the downtown building.