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1993 - Newly Expanded DeMotte Library Building Dedication Ceremony


Held 17 April 1993 in DeMotte, Indiana

From Kankakee Valley Post-News - April 22, 1993, by Janet Mauck

"'We dedicate this library to the people of Jasper County with the expectation it will serve them well for many years to come.'

This statement by Jasper County Public Libraries 'JCPL' director Lynn Daugherty came near the conclusion of Saturday afternoon's dedication ceremony for the DeMotte Branch Library addition."

"The project, which featured the addition of 13,400 square feet of space and the renovation of the entire building, was completed last July. Construction had started in September of 1991."

"In her comments, Mrs. Daugherty noted that work on the library addition project had actually begun years earlier than 1991.

'It was in May of 1984 when Wilbur Doty [JCPL Board President] first spoke of acquiring land for future expansion of Rensselaer and DeMotte libraries,' she said.

During that same year, librarian Kathy Salyers did a feasibility study about whether the library should automate.

A committee, board members, community members, and staff came up with a five-year plan that recommended both expansion and automation, Mrs. Daugherty said.

In February of 1991, county residents went out with petitions and collected the signatures of more than 1,600 property taxpayers who supported the creation of a special tax to fund the DeMotte addition and the new Rensselaer library."

"'We're proud of what we've created,' said Mrs. Daugherty, who recognized the DeMotte Friends of the Library members and staff members and explained her duties.

The library's employees also were honored by Doty during his remarks. 'The library board strives to give the best library service possible, and it's my believe we have the best library staff in Indiana.'

Pastor Charles Gast concluded the dedication ceremony for the library. In his closing prayer, he asked God 'to help us guard this treasure.'"