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Art at the Library

Watercolors and pencils focus of Rensselaer art display

Rensselaer March, 2016Watercolor of a rooster

This beautiful art display by Linda Kozyra will be at the Rensselaer Library during March and April. Be sure to stop by and see it in person!

Kozyra is a retired Rensselaer Central Schools bus driver who has been drawing with colored pencils and painting with water colors for about four years.

"I enjoy doing both very much," she states in a brief bio. "I'm also a member of the Jasper County Art League, Historical Society and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

"I hope you enjoy my colored pencils and water colors.

"Thank you, Linda Kozyra"

Art collection on wall

Graceful Images Photography displayed at Wheatfield in March

Wheatfield March, 2016Photography display

Tracy Grace is the photographer behind Graceful Images Photography. She is a married mother of three and works part time as a travel agent.

Her love affair with photography began when her husband gave her a DSLR camera as a gift in 2012 - she hasn't been able to put it down since. She taught herself by taking photos constantly of everyone and everything.

Grace had a beach photo used for advertisement by a resort in Hawaii. The Farmer's Almanac chose one of her photos as picture of the month. Another photo was recognized and shared online by a Kentucky Lake resort.

Her favorite thing to photograph is sporting events, especially her children's! Getting lost in nature with a camera is a great way for her to escape life.

She truly loves getting to know the faces behind her lens! Her hope is to bring joy through her work, share life, and to not let memories escape us!

You can find Grace on Facebook under Graceful Images Photography or follow her on lnstagram at

Photo montage of flowers and nature scenes presented in frame with decorative knobs.

Irene Evans' artwork displayed at DeMotte

DeMotte January, 2016

I have always been interested in and fascinated with all sorts of creative experiences.

At DeMotte High School, I took four years of art. Later I attended The College of St. Francis and majored in art. My college ended when my father had a severe stroke. I got married to a DeMotte farmer and had two sons. When they started school, I went back to college and earned a B.S. from Valparaiso University and an M.S. from Indiana University.

I taught school in Kniman, DeMotte, and Hebron for a total of 33 years. As a teacher, I made most of my classroom decorations and individual learning aids. I was commissioned to paint two large murals in the Hebron School. I retired from teaching about 15 years ago, but my murals are still in the school.

I took instruction in various types of Art: oil, acrylic, watercolor, prisma colored pencil, and stained glass. I also do pen and ink drawings. I worked with Milton Lenoir in Alabama for eight summers and earned a certificate to teach his style of acrylic painting.

I've painted all forms of Art: landscapes, florals, southwest, still life, portraits, stained glass, and pen and ink of old buildings.

I'm now in my "golden years," and have 13 great-grandchildren, who also enjoy my artwork.

Irene Evans' artwork displayed at DeMotte

Sheila Maxwell posing in front of her canvases.

Wine and Canvas Collection

Sheila Maxwell

I live in Rensselaer and have worked at the Jasper County Public Library system for 18 years as the Systems Administrator. I enjoy volunteering on the Main Street and Rock the Arts Committees. I am also the webmaster for my church website. I enjoy running and LOVE the beach.

Close up photo of a painting of a llama in front of a barn

Wheatfield Library displays art collection of Sharon Bolt

Sharon Bolt

Living on a llama farm has been rewarding in many ways for Sharon Bolt. After being in the llama business for over 20 years, Sharon found herself enamored with their grace and beauty and became inspired to try her hand at painting. Beginning with acrylics, Sharon’s visions became a reality on canvas and she sold out of her llama paintings in only twenty minutes during her first show.

Claudia at the golden gate

Claudia Pletting photos on display at Jasper County Public Library.

Claudia Pletting

My interest in art as a means of expression began with photography. Wherever I am, I look around and try to find subjects which are, to me, interesting and/or beautiful...different things at different times of the year. I always have my camera with me.

Jenny Pierson

Jenny Pierson displays photos in August

Jenny Pierson

Since the hot pink 110 camera I had at 8 years old I have been taking photographs. I was hooked. I loved that I could freeze a moment in time with just one click of the shutter. I went on in high school to learn the technical side of photography. I knew that I wanted to be a professional photographer and learn all I could about it.

Alan and Carol Hurley

Hurleys display their photography

Alan and Carol Hurley

Alan and Carol Hurley have a passion for photography and enjoy sharing their works with the community.

Watercolor of a rabbit

Gail Woolever Watercolors and More

Gail Woolever

Gail Waluk Woolever, retired art teacher of 34 years in the Kankakee Valley School Corporation, has been an artist since a very young girl. Her art depicts the love she has for the flowers, fields and friends of her life on the farm and the travels she has enjoyed.

Barb Lucas

Barb Lucas - Eagles and Backyard birds

Barb Lucas

Barb Lucas has a passion for bird-watching and combines this passion with another; her joy for photographing nature. Our national bird, the Bald Eagle, and its return to the Northwest Indiana after many years on the endangered species list, is also a passion for Barb Lucas.

Mary Ann VanSoest

Mary Ann VanSoest Quilt Display

Mary Ann VanSoest

Mary Ann VanSoest started seriously working with art after retiring from a career in real estate. She experiments with different ideas and crafts her art sometimes using unusual elements.

Jasper County Art League Exhibit

Abbie Parmele, Barb Lucas, Claudia Pletting, Connie Kingman, Doris Myers, Gail Woolever, Irene Evans, Jasper County Art League, John Groppe, Mary Ann VanSoest

During the month of February the Jasper County Art League is displaying a collection of art by various members at the DeMotte Library. The nine artists whose works are featured are: Irene Evans, John Groppe, Connie Kingman, Barb Lucas, Doris Myers, Abbie Parmele, Claudia Pletting, Mary Ann VanSoest and Gail Woolever.

Barb Lucas

Barb Lucas - Northwest Indiana Nature Photography

Barb Lucas

Bird watching has been Barb’s passion for decades. She took up nature photography after a career in public education.