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Indiana Author W.C. Madden to visit Rensselaer Library


With a variety of books to his credit, including Lafayette: Murder and Mayhem, Church Humor, One Nation Under God, Ghost Stories of White County, Haunted Lafayette, and various sports related titles, Indiana author W.C. Madden is proud to announce his newest, and very first fiction title, Tecumseh’s Curse.

This book takes the reader from the present back in time to 1793, when William Henry Harrison first met the legendary Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh, tying in a modern day mystery that keeps the reader turning pages until the surprising conclusion unveils Tecumseh’s Curse.

The Rensselaer Library is proud to host a visit from this talented local author, and invites all ages to meet W.C. Madden as he visits on Tuesday, March 20 from 6-7 pm. Read more about him at the author's website.

During this free program, the author will discuss his works, as well as Tecumseh’s Curse. Copies of his book will be available for purchase and autographing by the author.

For more information, visit or call the Rensselaer Library at 866-5881.

That's awesome!!! I have the

That's awesome!!! I have the "Haunted Lafayette" book :)