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Jasper County Trails


If you have imagined a Jasper County full of walking, horse and bike paths, you are not alone.

This spring, representatives of Jasper County Economic Development, the National Park Service and the Northwest Indiana Regional Plan Commission held public meetings around the county to solicit input from citizens as to where and what those paths might look like.

The draft vision plan is now on file at your local library, where you can request it from our government documents collection. The plan comes with economic statements, health and quality of life statements, and more.

Did you know, for instance, that "rural residents experience higher rates of obesity and overweight than people living in urban areas," at least partly due to lesser opportunities for community exercise.

Community input played a big role in shaping how this document has come together. Organizers back in April said they had not initially planned equestrian paths for Jasper County until residents expressed a desire for them.

Another part of the plan involves the creaton of a float trail down the Iroquois River that would give water tourists a place to put in and take out personal watercraft, possibly opening the door for a canoe rental operation or refreshments.

Organizers have stressed this plan is simply a vision document to give planners at the municipal and county level a starting point for developing their own trails framework. Each community would have the opportunity to approve the plan at a public meeting.

To learn more, stop in and spend a few minutes browsing our copy of the Jasper County Trail Vision plan.