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Coming Soon! Brand New Catalog


We are unveiling a brand new catalog next month that we hope will make things easier than ever for you to find and request books and manage your library account.

The LS2Pac v.2 will be hitting our servers about mid month, offering the same searching power and visual interactivity that we have now, but giving more room for results and offering other improvements.

In advanced search, you can limit your request to just one location. The powerful filter menu is still there, only moved to the left and made bigger, so you will still be able to limit items by format, by publication date, or by a number of other filters.

This upgrade is improving some things for us on the technical side as well, so it should be a win all the way around.

We invite you to get ready for this big change with a sneak peak at our demonstration sample site. Try searching for your favorite book, get familiar with where things are and maybe try an advanced search. Your card will not work with any of the account-specific services because this demo does not actually include our collection, but you should be able to get a good feel for how it will work next month when we go live.

As always, your feedback is especially important. Drop us a line on facebook or use our online contact form to tell us what you think!