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Move over Zombies, Jane Austen rocks this video blog


Move over Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a year-long video blog on YouTube, has just wrapped up it's 100th and final episode this week.

If you have not heard of or seen this project, and you are now, or ever were interested in Jane Austen, now is the time to check out this cricically-acclaimed and award-winning modern re-interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, as seen through the eyes of "Lizzie Bennet," a modern 24-year-old grad student facing a mountain of student loans, living at home with her marriage-obsessed mother, laid-back father and very different sisters, and recording her views on her life.

Whether Lizzie is gushing about texting with handsome swim coach George Wickham, bantering on screen with her vivacious little sister Ly-dee-ya or best friend and video editor Charlotte, or fretting over the ethics of letting her sister Jane's boyfriend Bing Lee (a wealthy Asian-American medical student) appear on camera without telling him the video is going on the Internet, the modern twists on this classic tale are totally believable, often comically surprising, and sometimes utterly heart-crushing.

For more about the series and its spin-offs (including a fashion blog, twitter accounts by some of the characters and more), check out The Lizzie Bennet Diaries entry on Wikipedia. An effort is already underway to have the series made available on DVD.

Warning: The series is aimed at mature teens and adults. The language is thoroughly modern, as is the behavior. While the characters remain true to their original counterparts, Lydia's behavior -- and occasionally language -- is exactly what you would expect of someone who behaves in modern times as outrageously as the original Lydia did in Austen's time. (Blackmailing her sisters into taking her to a college bar for instance, or affectionately referring to the video audience as Bi-es.)