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The day the world changed

Ground Zero at night

Twelve years later and while we may still remember 9-11 as the day the world changed, those memories may no longer be quite as strong.

Now we don't always greet a September sky and perfect late summer weather with the crisp anticipation of impending doom, just only some of the time.

There isn't always the sudden clench of breath as we find ourselves writing "911" for any reason: a time, an address, a game score, though it still feels strange.

These are not signs that the day is no longer important to us, that we are forgetting. These are important steps in the process of grieving, and healing.

September 11 is now celebrated as Patriot Day. Children who are entering sixth grade have never been through a school year without one, and while it may still seem ludicrous that anyone would celebrate such a day, we realize at the same time there is a lot to celebrate.

Heroism, sacrifice, community, humanity: these are the values that came through on that day, and that have united us since in ways that even our little differences cannot tear apart.

Today, we bring you a handful of Pinterest boards about 9-11, and hope that you can find something to share with your loved ones about the day of American patriots.

9/11 Activites - Lots of links for children (and teachers) for activities and lessons about Patriot Day and the events of 911.

Dog Heroes of 9/11 - A poignant tribute to the nearly 100 dogs who worked at the Trade Center, all of whom have passed on.

9/11 - Educational links and activities for older students.

9/11 - Photos of the memorial and news photos from the day - for older teens and adults, curated by U-High Library, University High School, Normal, Ill.

9/11 - Chilling collection of photos of the day, of survivors, and of the missing.