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Don't have time to read? Try audio books!

Man listening to audio while working on a computer

If you want to solve the problem of never having enough time to read for pleasure—try an audio book. Audio books easily afford hours of entertainment while multi-tasking.

After listening to books while doing other things, you're likely to find you enjoy that it frees up time that would otherwise be lost in today’s busy world.  Listen any place, at any time. For instance:

  • Listening at home while cooking or doing mindless chores gives you plenty of opportunity to focus on a novel.  The library has many choices, something for everyone.
  • Road trips or commuters can make a trip a breeze by supplying hours of entertainment. Or learn a language or explore many self help topics.
  • Sleepless nights a problem? Having someone to read to you may take you back to your childhood days and will surely help you drift off to sleep.  (Nothing too complex and no sound effects, please!)
  • Audio books are great for the pool or beach—no sun glare, pages don’t get wet and you can even read lying down!

Audio books are also great for kids.

Audio books are one way to encourage growth in listening skills. They also can be used to introduce new or different genres. They can be a joy both for avid readers and struggling ones.

So visit your local library and check it out. We have best-sellers, classics, self-help mysteries and more from which to choose. You may also want to try one of our Playaways -- a small digital audio player already pre-loaded with a book.  Just plug in ear phones and it’s ready to go.

You can also download to your own device from our OverDrive eBook and eAudio service. For more information, stop in at your local library and ask to browse our selections.