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Get Lost this holiday season with travel links from Library Journal

Screenshot of Frankfurt, Germany from Travel with Drone

They say not all who wander are lost, and perhaps that is most true of the armchair traveler.

Forget something domestic where the weather is the same and the landscape only slightly different. As an armchair traveler you can follow the footsteps of others through jungles, sleet, warzones or whatever. 

Visit this collection of blogs and websites, and may your next virtual vacation be as good as the real thing!

National Geographic National Geographic Society is one of the largest not-for-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world, with interests ranging from geography to natural ­science. Browse thousands of photographs from some of the world's leading photographers.

Restless Transplant Blog Foster Huntington, who has logged over 100,000 miles traveling by camper around the American West, documents his trips through photographs and narratives on his blog.

Roads and Kingdoms This independent journal of food, politics, travel, and culture was voted the best travel journalism site by the Society of American Travel Writers. First launched in Burma through Tumblr, the digital magazine reports on everything from the Burmese civil war to the perils of rancid crab.

Travel Channel The popular travel media brand aims to connect people “to the power and joy of human journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain.” The multimedia site features videos, links to information on destinations, an A–Z list of topical interests, blogs, and travel tips.

Travel with Drone Once thought of as only military surveillance devices, drones are taking armchair travel to new heights. This site is easily searchable via a map with pins indicating where the videos were taken or by browsing a ranked list of submissions. All videos include a sound track, providing a superlative experience for armchair travel.

Warscapes This independent online magazine “provides a lens into current conflicts across the world.”