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JCPL can help with spring fever

image of book spawning butterflies

Days are getting longer. Temperatures are inching higher. Spring is a real possibility.  If others are as excited about the prospect as I am, then now is a good time to think about some things to help ready our abodes for that most wonderful time of year – and the library can help!

Is your outside furniture still in good shape after winter? Now would be an excellent time to power wash or at least hose it off.  Looking for something new? Check out books in the 684.1 section of the library for ideas of projects you can build and revitalize for your patio.

Pruning back dead foliage and raking out around bushes would also be a good idea. Who doesn’t want to make room for those spring flowers? Books about gardening (635) and garden design (712.6) can help plan everything from vegetables to shade gardens.

How about that barbecue grill? If you haven’t already been using it, go ahead and give it a good cleaning. Then plan for some summer get-togethers with the library’s vast collection of cookbooks (641) – including an entire section devoted to the perfect barbecue (641.5784)

If you’re able, clear out those gutters and downspouts, or perhaps line up a handyman to do the job. Throw in cleaning out the dryer vent as well. It probably got a good workout during the winter months unless you’re one of those people who hangs out clothes year round.

Did any of the outside light bulbs burn out during the cold weather? Replace those. Don’t forget to have someone ready that air conditioner for use. Let’s be really optimistic here. Along the same lines, if you haven’t changed your furnace filter recently, do so.

There are a million little home maintenance (643.7) projects you might want to start, so check out some books to help you plan your to-do list.

And of course, to welcome springtime properly, how about changing out that Merry Christmas welcome mat with something more appropriate? There are plenty of home decorating (747) books with plans for paint, furniture and accessory schemes for every season and every taste. There is even a handy Play-a-Way View on this subject.

Finish up with washing windows outside and inside so that all those wonderful green things will be clearly visible from a comfy chair.  There are even resources available for those who wish to make natural cleaning products. (648.5) And since you deserve it, once you’ve flipped or rotated your mattress and swapped out the flannel sheets, take a well deserved rest with some good books just for fun!  (Our Awesome Box shelves are packed with great suggestions!)