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Plant a Seed, Grow a Future

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I remember the proud smiles on the dusty faces of my nieces as they arrived home after going to work with their dad for “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

My brother-in-law worked at a graphite company (think pencil lead in powder form) and would deck out the girls in one of his work shirts and haul them off in the morning, only to return them home dirty as all get out, but so happy to have shared the day with their father finding out what he did all day at work.

Perhaps you think this doesn’t apply to you, but there are children all around who could benefit from time with you at your workplace. 

Mentors and grandparents may be able to take children who otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to visit a workplace.  Expand a child’s experiences by sharing a special day with them.  You’ll be enriched as well by their interest and questions.

On her blog post, Charvella Campbell states that inviting your children to work: 

“1. Creates a strong, lasting connection between education and career goals; 

2. Your son or daughter gets to see you in action. Of course you're special as Mom and Dad, but they'll realize how important your work is and what you contribute;

3. Provides an opportunity for learning about a career that interests them. Children can gather information about their desired path and the level of education/training required to achieve such goals.”  

Lee Kravitz of Parade Magazine says this day “reminds all Americans (parents and policymakers, voters and corporate leaders) that our success as a nation depends on our ability to nurture and help fulfill the dreams and potential of all of our young people.”

So we encourage you to check with your employer and your child’s school to arrange to take part in this year’s “Take Your Child to Work Day” on April 23, 2015.  For more resources visit

If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old. – Lord Chesterfield