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Local author Charles Kerlin to speak at Rensselaer Library in June


Charles Kerlin began writing his novel, ‘Fishing’s No Good Without You’ when he was enrolled in the Iowa Writer’s Workshop graduate program.

This novel, based on Kerlin’s own life, features Curly, a young boy who suffers the consequences of his parents’ divorce, and finds himself adrift during his formative years without the attention of his father.

Aspiring to be a better father to his own son, Curly travels to Ontario, Canada with his boy, teaching him the skills he will need to continue to fish there after Curly is no longer able to accompany him.

Although autobiographical in nature, the secondary theme of the story focuses on nature, the environment and how we can still enjoy the splendor of the outdoors.

On Friday, June 19 @ 10 am, all interested adults and teens are invited to come to the Rensselaer Library, where author, Charles Kerlin will be discussing this autobiographical novel with participants.

Of his novel, Kerlin says, “I call it an autobiographical novel because I realized I had created a semi-fictional version of myself, and most of the characters are semi-fictional versions of other people.”

Dr. Charles Kerlin is a Professor of English at St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, and has enjoyed collaborating with his son, Scott, as they worked on this novel together.

Join us as we welcome this local talent during his visit to the Rensselaer Library. Autographed copies of his book will be available for purchase.

Registration is appreciated, and is available online at or by visiting or calling the Rensselaer Library at 866-5881.