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Autumn's beauty is a great reason to plan a road trip

red autumn tree on a hill with other autumn trees and blue skies

Living in Indiana, one becomes familiar with nature's knack for being frivolous. Just when summer seems to have come to an end, temperatures climb.

There are, however, clear indicators that autumn follows on the heels of summer. Certainly the emerging colors of the sumac and sassafras in the woods are a portent of cooler days.

While many of us are sad to see the summer season changing soon, the colors of autumn are indeed a thing of beauty, and the Jasper County Library system can be of great use in discovering where to find the best displays and unique ways to enjoy them.

For instance, Midwest Living magazine and Outdoor Indiana have very good descriptions of day trips or scenic drives in Indiana, Michigan, and beyond. If a trip to the library isn’t possible, one can access travel information at the Midwest Living website,

Our libraries have a great collection of travel books as well.  A few examples are Country roads of Michigan : drives, day trips, and weekend excursions by Doris Scharfenberg,  Scenic driving Indiana by Douglas Wissing, Country roads of Indiana : drives, day trips, and weekend excursions by Sally McKinney, The Great Indiana touring book : 20 spectacular auto tours by Tom Huhti or Lake Michigan backroads : your guide to wild and scenic adventures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana text and photography by Robert W. Domm.

On the JCPL website, you can follow links under the Research tab to Local Government Guide to IN.Gov to the Department of Natural Resources. Here is a listing of Indiana’s state parks and an events calendar, along with so much more information.

 Is your curiosity piqued yet? Don’t forget the camera!