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Step back in time with local yearbooks archives

Arranged yearbook covers

Treasured memories from your high school days can now be accessed digitally via the Jasper County Public Library’s website, where you can find a link to our Yearbook Archive on the library’s homepage.

The magic of technology makes Rensselaer Central High School “Chaos, 1911-2014”, DeMotte High School “Keen Keener, 1936-1970”, Kankakee Valley High School “Kougar Pride 1971-2010”, and “Covenant Christian High School 2002-2015” available to you at the click of your mouse, from the comfort of your home.

Page after page of memories in each high school yearbook have been digitized for your own personal online viewing. This new digital collection will be launched as a kick-off to National Library Week, April 11-16, and is available on the library’s website at

For more information, visit or call any location of the Jasper County Public Library: Rensselaer, 219 866-5881, DeMotte, 219 987-2221, or Wheatfield, 219 956-3774.