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Meet the author Monday

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Former area Pastor to discuss new book about the apocalypse

Bill Clark, the former pastor of Brushwood United Methodist north of Rensselaer, is touring Indiana and neighboring states this month promoting his recently released book, "Hope and the Approaching Apocalypse."

Clark, who now lives in Muncie, said his book features human interest stories and answers questions about the current public fascination with the apocalypse.

"It answers why there are so many movies and documentaries about the apocalypse. It looks at the facts of science, history, prophecy and current events."

Clark said his interest in the subject was matched by his brother, a Muncie physician who has co-authored the book.

"He's a physician with four specialties and a graduate of M.I.T. (When I) shared with him my book plans, he said that he believed the same thing based on science and math."

Clark, who is well-known locally from his time as a pastor, and as a volunteer at the local food pantry and with the ministerial association, will be at Brushwood Church on Monday, October 10th from 9 to 11:30 a.m. to discuss his book and do book signings.

He will be at the Rensselaer Library the same day from 2-4 pm.

For those who would like a copy of the book but are unable to make Clark's visit, he said the book will be available on Amazon.