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You are invited to the Hoosier Homecoming

Image of statehouse, bicentennial logo, and you're invited banner

This October, the State of Indiana would like to invite you to a birthday party, along with the rest of the Indiana family!

Hoosier Homecoming (#HoosierHomecoming) is a free, family-friendly event planned for noon-4:30pm (Eastern) on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 on the Indiana Statehouse Campus. This event will celebrate Indiana’s 200 years of statehood with music, food, entertainment and more.

It is a way for every Hoosier to celebrate Indiana’s 200th birthday!

During a family homecoming there are three main things: bringing the family together, good food, and talking about memories and family history.

The Hoosier Homecoming will bring families together from all communities across Indiana, to learn more about our shared history, dedicate Bicentennial Plaza and the Statehouse Education Center in the State Library, and celebrate the culmination of the Bicentennial Torch Relay

This event will bring thousands of diverse Hoosiers together; one of a few times the “whole family” will have gotten together in the past 100 years.

Free activities and entertainment will provide opportunities for all ages to celebrate while they watch the culmination of the Torch Relay at the new Bicentennial Plaza.

Families can enjoy free tours of the State Library and State House, including a “behind the scenes” tour of a few agencies.

Food trucks will provide different ethnic tastings, highlighting the diversity of Indiana.

The entertainment, as well as exhibitions, will also provide a way to highlight the diversity and rich history of Indiana. Bringing in, what we believe will be, the biggest group of re-enactors, all rooted in Indiana, and highlighting rich Indiana history and memories, the excitement for this day caters to all ages.

We are also anticipating a few special appearances of Hoosier figures that will take place throughout the day. This event will present the chance to celebrate the past, present, and future of Indiana with the entire family.

“Hoosier Homecoming” is a day the family will not want to miss!