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Snapping, Mapping, and Rapping in Jasper County: A Bicentennial Celebration

Graphic with logos and photo of person taking a photo of the Jasper County bison

The Jasper County Public Library is partnering with CDC Resources, Inc. to celebrate our state’s bicentennial.

This project allows interested CDC clients to learn the fundamentals of photography, take photographs of Jasper County features, and display their work in a library photo exhibit in December 2016 in celebration of Indiana’s bicentennial.

Barb Lucas and Marcia Smith-Wood, community volunteers with a love of the arts and the ability to teach photography and artistic expression, are participating as instructors and facilitators, under the supervision of CDC staff members.

In addition, we have written a Jasper County rap, which expresses in rhyme the many features of Jasper County as expressed by CDC clients, modeling after “Indiana Chant” by Hoosier author April Pulley Sayre, with her permission.

CDC clients who have presentation skills will present their rap with props and a dramatic flair at a library event that includes the opening of the art exhibit and refreshments. This project provides CDC clients with a visual and performing art experience, as they learn about their county and the bicentennial celebration. Community members will see and hear about their county and be given the opportunity to celebrate Jasper County and Indiana.

“Snapping, Mapping, and Rapping in Jasper County” is relevant to Indiana’s Bicentennial because is it celebratory by design, but perhaps more importantly it has the potential to improve mental, emotional, and even physical states of individuals with disabilities, lessening pain, anxiety and tension for participating CDC clients.

This art experience provides creative socialization, which can be very difficult for those with disabilities. In rural Jasper County, there are very limited art opportunities and even less inclusion for disabled adults. This project will connect the participants to their bodies, emotions, and self-esteem.

CDC clients have requested photography lessons for several years, and the Jasper County Public Library, CDC, and community partners have met this expressed need.  Audiences and exhibit attendees will benefit by interacting with adults with disabilities and their displays of creative expression.

Linkages will be developed and the arts will prompt a closer look at people with disabilities in our community and what they have to offer our society. Lastly, we will all learn more about Jasper County and the state of Indiana together, as we commemorate our State’s Bicentennial in this unique way.

This program has been officially endorsed as an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.