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Come to the library for books, news, facts

Black and white photo of elderly gentleman reading a newspaper at a library.

The other day someone asked about the rumors that our local grocery store (Rensselaer) might be closing. Fortunately, the library keeps several local and regional newspapers on hand and we were able to dispel the rumors with facts.

According to an ongoing series of stories in the NWI Times newspaper, while Central Grocers, the parent company for Strack & Van Til, has declared bankruptcy and is closing nine Ultra Fresh Foods in the Chicago suburbs, and two "underperforming" Strack & Van Til stores in Gary and Merrillville, there are no plans to close any other stores at this time.

The store is looking to sell the remaining 22 stores, including the one in Rensselaer, through bankruptcy court. Talks are already in the works with an as-yet unnamed buyer. The story is still developing, so more information is yet to come.

Several regional and national newspapers are available at the library to be read in-house, from the Lafayette Journal & Courier (Rensselaer) to the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune, as well as our local papers the KV Post-News and Rensselaer Republican.

We also keep older copies of these papers for about a year, and we have copies of our local papers on microfilm going back to their earliest printings.

In an age when a comment on social media can start a whole flurry of misinformation, it's good to know there are places where you can go to find the facts.

It's just part of what we do to Inform, Enrich, and Empower our community.

Photo: Gentleman Reading Newspapers at the Ann Arbor Public Library, March 1949 Creative Commons: Ann Arbor News.