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Get ready for tax season at your library

Photo of United States treasury check laid over 1040 federal tax return.

Monday, Jan. 29 is the first day the IRS will begin accepting tax returns in 2018. The nation’s tax deadline will be Tuesday, April 17 this year – so taxpayers will have two additional days to file beyond April 15.

Your library is able to print 1040 and 1040EZ and other forms and instructions* for patrons, or you may go on our computers and print forms yourselves. The charge for either is 10 cents per page*Due to changes in tax law at the end of 2017, we do not know when Federal Form 1040A will be available to be printed.

Indiana tax forms and booklets are also available in limited quantities during tax season, and as federal forms and booklets arrive, we will make available what is sent to us as well.

You can also request forms to be sent to your home free of charge by mail.

Get tax forms online (to print and fill out)

Request forms to be mailed to you

Taxpayers can visit for more tips on preparing to file their 2017 tax return.

Also visit the IRS Newsroom (scroll down to IRS Offers Help for Taxpayers) for links to recommended tax preparation firms, software, efile options and more.

Though tax season begins on the 29th, many software companies and tax professionals will accept returns before that date and will submit returns when IRS systems open.

Although the IRS will begin accepting both electronic and paper tax returns Jan. 29, paper returns will begin processing later in mid-February as system updates continue.

By law, the IRS cannot issue refunds claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) before mid-February. While the IRS will process those returns when received, they expects the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or on debit cards starting on Feb. 27, 2018, if they chose direct deposit and there are no other issues with the tax return.