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Let JCPL help with Back to School

Graphic of book, pencil, ruler and apple with heart

The new school year is fast approaching along with the excitement of your kids seeing their friends and teachers again.  After enjoying some time off from math and science it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Oh the joys of following a set schedule again.  Getting kids to bed at night and up in the mornings.  Making sure they have their backpacks and school supplies. The smiles on your children’s faces as they come home from their first day of school with all kinds of stories to tell you makes it all worth it.

Whether you are an old pro at getting your kids excited and ready for school, or have your first child going into preschool or kindergarten, the library can help.  Whatever the case may be, enjoy it, time does fly by quickly.

We have many books about back to school or the first day of school to help encourage your children, including ‘Back to School Crafts’, ‘Back to School is Cool’, ‘Lionel at School’,  ‘Mouse’s First Day of School’ and ‘On the First Day of Kindergarten’.

Come take a look and check out how we can help the school year get off to a good start.