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Kick Start Your Autumn Break With These New Fiction Titles at JCPL!


Remember the story problems that we did as kids in school? Here is a story problem: If today is November 9 and there are 30 days in November and thirty one days in December and Christmas falls on December 25, how many days are left until Christmas?

I never was a whiz at math, but if I cheat and look at the calendar, I can tell you that there are 46 days until Christmas, and if I divide the 46 days into weeks, it’s still OVER 6 weeks until Santa makes his appearance. Department stores and TV ads are already playing Jingle Bells and “decking the halls.” Halloween is barely out of the woods and Christmas is already making an appearance. Have I slept through the fall months? Have I already missed my most favorite of all holidays; Thanksgiving?! Gee whiz, is it fair to shortchange Turkey Day and the fall season and jump straight into winter?

Time to take a break and kick back and enjoy these cool, blustery days and snuggle into the nest that will soon enough be hard to find time for, and read, read, read! Here are a few new fiction titles from your friends at JCPL that will kick start your autumn break!

Dewey Andreas is searching for peace, and hopes to find it in rural Australia. Unfortunately, the powers that he once fought against are out for revenge, and now they’ve found him, forcing him to fight for his life. On the other side of the globe in Pakistan, a radical cleric has gained power, starting an all out war with India that quickly escalates out of control. With the threat of nuclear response a high probability, the need for a cease fire is more important than ever, and there is only one man who can lead a team that can pull off the impossible task; Dewey Andreas. But can he get out of Australia alive? Find out in “Coup d’Etat” by Ben Coes.

Amelia Wilkes and Anthony Winter are high school seniors, desperately in love. Amelia’s father, Harlan, however, will not allow his daughter to date. Her mother, Kim, though, is more open minded and keeps the couple’s secret. When Harlan discovers the couple’s passion for one another via intimate pictures on Amelia’s computer, his fury turns to a lust for revenge against the young man, and Harlan turns him into local law enforcement, creating a public case that takes disturbing twists and turns in “Exposure” by Therese Fowler.

When a hostage situation arises in a television studio, former investigative journalist, Tom Pegg finds himself embroiled in the mess when the kidnapper chooses him as a go-between. Events turn chaotic and the drama reaches a fever pitch when two very different people are thrown together by the crisis, resulting in gripping and page-turning suspense in “The Blue Light Project” by Timothy Taylor.

With streets named Nutcracker Court and Sugar Plum Lane, Fairbrook is the perfect town for Christmas glitz. But the holiday season isn’t what it’s cracked up to be for all of Fairbrook’s residents, including single mom, Carly Westbrook, who is struggling to make ends meet and still provide a nice Christmas for her boys, and Grant Barrows, a formerly wealthy businessman struggling to come to grips with his shrinking bank account. Still, the local ladies group holds out hope that a Christmas miracle may come to pass in “Christmas on Nutcracker Court” by Judy Duarte.

If there are 24 hours in a day and 46 days until Christmas, that adds up to 1,104 hours. Taking time out to relax and escape into the characters and plot of a good book checked out from the Jasper County Public Library might just fit into that schedule. If you do the math, you’ll discover that I’m 100% correct!