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Variety is the Spice of Life With all That JCPL Has to Offer In Reading Material!


Shopping around is a great way to unearth deals and bargains. The best bargain, by far this holiday season, is right in your hometown, and the deals right at your fingertips.

Are you a traditional reader, who enjoys the feel of a book in your hand, or is your choice of reading material more along the lines of Nook, Kindle, or some other mobile device? Maybe you prefer to hear your favorite books read aloud as you drive or as you work; in that case, audio-books are the perfect choice for you.

Books come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and at the Jasper County Public Library, we understand your need for access to the hottest, most popular titles available, and we strive to provide the most current titles, no matter which genre you prefer.

Each branch of JCPL houses the newest titles of print materials in a separate space, so that you can shop quickly and see, at a glance, the most current books available. For those who prefer eBooks, JCPL now offers a new collection of titles through a service called, “Overdrive.” Through Overdrive, you can check out popular e-Book titles with your library card and enjoy them for a lending period of 7-14 days.


Titles automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so there are no late fees. To get started with Overdrive, first go to the Indiana Digital Download Center site at and download the software that you’ll need for your system, then you can browse the collection and download your favorite titles. There are hundreds of titles to choose from!

Audio-books are available in a myriad of titles, which may also be checked out for a three week lending period and renewed for another three weeks as well.

The weather outside may be cold, but the choices of materials at the Jasper County Public Library are hotter than ever. Stop in and check it out!