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You'll Be "On a Roll" When You Check Out These New Fiction Titles!


Watching the movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” I was taken back a few years to when my kids were small and I used to have to cut their food for them.

During a particularly long home remodeling project, most of my husband’s closest friends came over to lend a hand. When lunchtime came around, I fixed food for everyone and when they came into the house to sit down and eat, each of them were sort of perplexed by the food on their plates, because, just like the plates I had fixed for my young daughters, their food was cut up in bite sized morsels.

I was on a roll, I guess, and tiredness from all of the remodeling combined with force of habit created a choking-hazard-free meal for everyone at the table.

Everyone finished their bite-sized lunches that day without saying a word, but in “There But For The” by Ali Smith, Miles Garth is a guest at a dinner party, when suddenly in the middle of the meal, he picks up and leaves the table, locking himself in an upstairs room.

As the surrounding neighbors hear of Miles’ seclusion, they gather together outside of the house and begin to tell his story, each from their own point of view. Miles, however, is only an acquaintance to each of them, and the question is then raised; what are the consequences of even the most casual moments of everyday life as we get to know one another?

This new fiction title will have you “on a roll” as you want to read another and then another after you finish with it.

Check these other new titles out!

Nora and Charlotte are best friends. When their teenaged babysitter, Rose disappears under mysterious circumstances, the two girls play detective, investigating and searching for her, even implementing paranormal theories and techniques learned from Time-Life books in their quest.

Now grown, both women are drawn back together when Rose’s remains are discovered, joining forces, revisiting past events, facing increasingly disturbing secrets in the process in “In Search of the Rose Notes” by Emily Arsenault.

In 1957, Luce Weld disappeared and his skiff is found drifting near a marsh with only his hunting coat and a box of shotgun shells inside. Three years later, Luce’s skull surfaced in a gravel pit, a bullet hole in the temple revealing his cause of death. The gruesome discovery of Luce’s remains led to rumors that he may have been murdered by the husband of his mistress, Ada Varick.

Fifty years later, Luce’s daughter, Jane is still searching for clues that will uncover the truth behind her father’s death, all the while playing an intense game of cat and mouse with his past love, Ada in “Game of Secrets” by Dawn Tripp.

After twenty years as an assistant District Attorney in a small Massachusetts suburb, Andy Barber thought he had seen it all. Respected and tenacious in the courtroom, Andy enjoys spending his off days with his wife, Laura and his fourteen year old son, Jacob.

Andy’s world is shattered, however, when a shocking crime is committed in their small community and his own son is charged with the murder of a classmate. Wanting desperately to defend his son and believe in his innocence, Andy finds himself torn as shocking revelations surface in “Defending Jacob” by William Landay.

Claire Malloy is house-hunting. Her new husband, police chief Peter Rosen and his teenage daughter, Caron, just aren’t going to fit in Claire’s cozy, two bedroom apartment. Finding her dream home in an area called Hollow Valley, Claire falls in love with a house sitting on a large plot of land.

Problems arise, though when the family that owned the real estate decides to sue the previous owner’s lover. Seems he died under very mysterious and unusual circumstances and that in order to get the house of her dreams, Claire will have to find the killer in “Deader Homes and Gardens; A Claire Malloy Mystery” by Joan Hess.

“On a roll;” experiencing a period of success or good luck. Putting it in perspective, the men at my lunch table so many years ago were on a roll, considering that there was little or no chance of anyone choking on their food that day. Today, you’ll be “on a roll” and experiencing great success and good luck by checking out any one (or two or three) of the new books listed here from your local branch of JCPL!