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Adventure, Suspense and Then Some; JCPL Has it All When it Comes to New Fiction!


It’s full of adventure, suspense, and an all out roller coaster ride of passion, humor, and true love. It’s the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy by E. L. James. In it, you’ll meet Anastasia Steele, an almost-graduated literary student who stands in for her best friend, interviewing the high-powered CEO of Grey Enterprises, Christian Grey, for the school paper.

Ana is bright, and easy to like with her down to earth, almost chaotically clumsy and naïve nature. When she meets Christian Grey, a better-than-good looking young man who has the world at his fingertips, the attraction is immediate. When the two begin a relationship, Ana encounters Grey’s dark side, delving deeper and deeper into his passionately violent tendencies, hoping to get to the crux of the man who seems to have “Fifty Shades” of personality. The erotic story unfolds and the adventure continues in “Fifty Shades Darker,” and concludes with “Fifty Shades Freed.”

No worries…when it comes to reading material, there are more than “Fifty Shades of Grey,” literally. There are SCADS of new titles to choose from when you visit the Jasper County Public Library. Read on!

The year is 1941, the place, Wyoming. A young girl has been brutally murdered, and the case has yet to be solved when World War II breaks out, derailing the investigation into her death. Suspicion falls on Pardo Bury, the psychotic son of a well to do rancher in Wyoming. “Rain Falls Like Mercy” by Jack Todd combines the violence of war, a senseless act of violent crime and the need for justice in a crime narrative that paints a perfect portrait of historical events as well as the emotional lives of his characters.

While ice skating on the river one ordinary December day, Allard and Ed Keer discover a young girl and her dog who have gone into the frigid water after falling through the weakest point in the ice. Managing to arrive in time to save Sarah and her dog, Allard comes close to losing his own when he falls into the river and is begins to get swept away by the current. When the pair of them miraculously survive, Allard and Sarah become constant companions, and a begin a love story that sweeps the landscape of North America, venturing into untamed territories and mountains, all the while inspiring readers with the beauty that only comes from nature in “The World As We Know It” by Joseph Monninger.

Rick Corinth is a brilliant prosecutor. In line for the job of District Attorney in Manhattan, Rick takes on a case involving a series of brutal rapes and as the case gets underway, it becomes apparent that all of the victims are known to him. The evidence mounts, and as it does, the police begin to treat Rick more like a suspect than a prosecutor. Will he be able to find the real perpetrator before his life is ruined? Find out in “Wrong Man Running” by Alan Hruska.

At the Jasper County Public Library, we are in sync with Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey, as one of his favorite lines is, “We aim to please,” and in closing, I’ll repeat the very famous line he uses nearly each time that he takes his leave from his beloved Ana; “Laters, baby!”