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The Pickle Principle Up and Running At JCPL!


Have you heard of the Pickle Principle? At JCPL, the Pickle Principle has become a daily way of making sure that everybody who visits us “gets the pickle!”

The Pickle Principle was hatched by Bob Farrell, an entrepreneur who personally received a letter from a disgruntled customer whose waitress wanted to charge him for an extra slice of pickle on his hamburger.
Farrell’s answer to that angry customer became the stuff that motivational speeches are made of, and we want our customers to feel as though they get an “extra pickle” every time they come into one of our libraries. Read on to get an idea of some “extra pickles” that we have stored up for you on our new fiction shelves!

Conflict arises among a brother and two sisters who discover that they each have a different father, wreaking havoc on their previously privileged existence. The discovery that Alexander, Earl of Caterham, the man who has been married to their mother for over twenty years, is not their biological father sets a chain of events in motion that brings the family to the brink of destruction in “Wicked Pleasures” by Penny Vincenzi.

After his wife leaves him, Ellis Hock returns to his true Eden, Malawi, an African village on the remote lower river. It was there that he spent four years with the Peace Corps; four of the happiest years of his life. Returning to Malawi, Ellis finds destruction and ruin, but the people of the village remember him well, welcoming him back. But is his new life truly an escape, or will it turn out to be a trap for Ellis? Find out in “The Lower River” by Paul Theroux.

Underage, homeless and traveling through foreign lands, two brothers, Aryan and his younger brother Kabir, are on a quest; a quest to find a new life in Europe. Leaving their home in Afghanistan, the two boys repeat their mantra, “Kabul-Tehran-Istanbul-Athens-Rome-Paris-London” over and over as they journey on, displaced children struggling against cold, violence, and hunger, clinging to their itinerary and their hope for a better life in “Hinterland” by Caroline Brothers.

There are those things in life we keep, and others that we have to let go; this lesson is learned all too well by Lucy Bloom, dumped by her boyfriend and left penniless besides. Selling her own home to make ends meet, Lucy takes on the task of organizing and cleaning out the cluttered home of Marva Meier Rios, a reclusive, eccentric painter who could be accused of hoarding a few things. As Lucy’s clutter-clearing gets underway, she is faced with the possibility that getting rid of a few things for Marva won’t be as easy as she first thought, as Marva is more than a little attached to her clutter, AND she has a secret; one that brings the two women together to form an unlikely friendship in “Objects of My Affection” by Jill Smolinski.

After losing her job from a government laboratory, microbiologist Hallie Leland vows never to look back. When she is summoned by the White House to investigate and isolate a virus that is contaminating and killing off American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, the threat is described by the President as “Potentially the worst threat since Pearl Harbor.” As the virus poses a threat that looms large in Afghanistan, it begins to filter into American territory. Forming a team of scientists, Hallie must beat the clock to find a cure, fighting the invisible enemy and the deadly assassin who has orchestrated the outbreak in “The Deep Zone” by James M. Tabor.

Are you finding yourself “in a pickle” with nothing good to read? The Jasper County Public Library is at your service, providing the perfect pick of pickles possible, proof positive that we can “give ‘em the pickle” every time!