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New Books are Hot, Even in November!


It is November; a time to reflect on things that we are thankful for.

Some folks take it day by day throughout the month, and count their blessings one by one. I’ve been thinking about all I am thankful for, and, of course I am thankful for family, friends, food on my table, a warm, cozy home and all of the things that most people would consider blessings.

But, when I really think about the food on my table, I have to be thankful for the person or people, whoever they may be, that invented the smoke alarm, because, in reality, the food on my table and even all of the other things I’m thankful for would be in serious jeopardy if not for the shrill noise coming from the ceiling that is the formal announcement in my house that dinner is done.

What else am I thankful for? Well, of course I’m thankful for my friends at the Jasper County Public Library, who give me something to read while dinner burns. Read on!

Besides running a magic shop in London, Alex Verus has the advantage of foreseeing the possible future. When he is approached by other factions to crack open a relic from a long ago mage war, Alex’s psychic abilities kick in, letting him know that his very survival will be threatened by accepting the challenge in “Fated” by Benedict Jacka.

Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan’s inexperience in the world of police work is seriously challenged when she is faced with solving the mysterious and brutal murders of area sex offenders. After being assigned to the case and paired up with the division’s DI Josh Derwent, Maeve digs for answers, but the incredible acts of violence escalate, keeping justice at bay in “The Reckoning” by Jane Casey.

When champion show horse, Hush Puppy, dies under suspicious circumstances, junior lawyer, Jack MacTaggart takes on the insurance claim. The case, however, heats up when things take an unexpected turn, sending Jack into a tangled web of blackmail and murder, not only endangering his life but leaving him the prime suspect in “Hush Money” by Chuck Greaves.

A murdered corpse has turned up in her brother’s driveway andTai Randolph finds herself stuck with a who-dun-it mystery; and when her brother flees to the Bahamas, he is presumed guilty of the crime as well as Tai, and the suspicions of the Atlanta police begin to point in her direction. Searching for answers leads Tai on a journey of violence, vengeance and a paparazzo with a taste for meth, and when another murder occurs, Tai’s very life is on the line in “The Dangerous Edge of Things” by Tina Whittle.

When the world is irrevocably transformed by a government experiment gone wrong, three lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Lila, an expectant mother who wants to believe the best of mankind, continues to plan for the birth of her child; Kittredge, a man on the run, goes on the road, dodging infection and desolation in his quest for freedom; and April, a teenager who is doing her best to protect her little brother from disease and desolation in “The Twelve,” the sequel to “The Passage” by Justin Cronin.

It’s November; I’m thankful for many things in my life, but sometimes you just need a good distraction from the every-day routine, and with the help of the “dinner bell” that most folks call a smoke alarm, I can cook a mean, charcoal broiled dinner AND enjoy a good book from my friends at JCPL!