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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee With New Fiction @ JCPL!


I’ve always considered myself an avid reader, and have often said that I will read whatever is in front of me, be it magazines, newspapers or the cereal box.

The holiday season has made me realize that this is not entirely true, and that is because I am now certain that I fall short in the reading department when it comes to instructions. Proof of this is the new one cup coffee brewer that I got for Christmas.

Desperate for a hot cup of coffee the morning after Christmas, I was confronted with an uncooperative coffee maker that demanded to know which size of mug I planned to use and refused to spit out so much as a drop of coffee until I made my choice. After pushing every button on the machine with no results, my husband suggested that I read the instructions.

Instructions? The thought never even crossed my mind.

If you’re like me, you’d rather read a good book, and these new titles from the Jasper County Public Library are a good start!

Holding only a degree from bartending school, Haley Randolph, amateur sleuth and fashionista, has taken a job as a corporate events coordinator. The first day on her new job, Haley finds the chief of security bludgeoned in her office. Because Haley is the new girl in the office, and the victim had been performing a background check on her at the time of her demise, Haley has been pegged as the prime suspect in the case. The heat is on Haley as one secret after another is revealed about her new coworkers and the squeaky clean image of the company that she is working for is not what it seems in “Tote Bags and Toe Tags,” number five in the Haley Randolph series by Dorothy Howell.

Raised in a two room shack in Oklahoma, Gin never imagined herself living a life of contentment and luxury, just as she never imagined that hometown hero, Mason McPhee would look her way and ask her to marry him. Small town life never prepared Gin for the new image she has taken on as Mason’s bride, and when he takes a job with the Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia, the couple is transported to a home with marble floors, a houseboy to cook their meals and a gated compound that is the stuff of fairy tales. Set in the portrait of the desert, “In the Kingdom of Men” by Kim Barnes holds murder, mystery, and the quest for truth in the depths of Saudi Arabia.

In the wake of a homeless man’s murder, District Attorney, Rachel Knight wants to see justice done. No clues and no suspect make the case nearly impossible to solve, and Rachel has tough as nails Detective Bailey Keller as a back-up. As the two begin their search for a killer, the mystery deepens and long-held secrets are uncovered, and the two women begin to connect the dots in “Guilt By Degrees” by Marcia Clark.

After the flu annihilates everyone around him, Hig is the lone survivor. Taking up residence in a small abandoned airport along with his dog, Hig flies the perimeter of the airfield and takes off over the mountains in his 1956 Cessna, pretending that things are as they were in the pre-annihilation days. Boldly taking to the skies and flying past the point of no return one day, Hig encounters new people, new places and a new outlook on life along the way in “The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller.

Outsmarting my new coffee maker is at the top of my list for the New Year. Also at the top of my New Year’s list is to read, read, read, and the best reading material around for 2013 can be found at your local branch of JCPL, located in Rensselaer, DeMotte and Wheatfield!