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What Would Happen If You Checked Out Some Brand New Fiction From JCPL?


 At least once each day, the thought, “What would happen…” runs through my mind. Does it yours?

According to a small article in “Reader’s Digest,” Google, the most powerful search engine in the World Wide Web knows this and comes prepared with statements that complete this thought.

Some of the things you’ll find if you type in “What would happen” include “if the earth stopped spinning,” “if Yellowstone erupted,” if I hired two private investigators to follow each other,” if there was no moon,” and just, “what would happen if.”

One question that I didn’t find listed there was, “What would happen if I found just the right fiction title and read it all in one sitting?” Hmmm…that’s a question for your friends at JCPL, and here are some new fiction titles to answer that question!

Sisters, Mary and Trish couldn’t be more different. Trish is divorced and raising two children in a home that is cluttered with bits and pieces of things she is sure she can’t live without. When her son gets hurt and Child Protective Services shows up at her door, Trish realizes that she has become her mother; a hoarder who needs help cleaning out the clutter that is taking over her home and her life. Calling her perfect sister, Mary, is the last thing that Trish wants to do, but finds it impossible to take care of the mess by herself. Together the two women work to get the disaster of Trish’s home cleared out, uncovering years of secrets, resentments and obsessions along the way in “Keepsake” by Kristina Riggle.

Returning home to his family’s farm in eastern Colorado, Shakespeare Williams finds his senile father living in squalor with no money, discovering that the local banker has taken advantage of him and cheated him out of most of his farm equipment and his beloved Cessna. When a cast of misfit characters enter the plot, Shakespeare hatches a half baked scheme to save the family farm by robbing the bank that has stolen their future, coercing all of them to join him in “East of Denver” by Gregory Hill.

In a rural stretch of the Pacific Northwest in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Talmadge tends the grove of fruit trees that he has cultivated for over half a century. Finding solace in the land and the sweetness of the fruit he grows, Talmadge loves the landscape of his home and the patch of earth that he has called his own since he was nine years old. When two young feral girls show up on his property, the gentle, older man takes them in. As their trust in him grows, brutal men with guns show up on the orchard, shattering the peace of the valley and sending Talmadge on an irrevocable course to protect his land and the girls he has befriended in “The Orchardist” by Amanda Coplin.

Linda McKinney has spent her career studying the social structure of ants. Without her knowledge, the research that has shaped her career has been conscripted by unknown forces that use the sophisticated studies to create automated drone armies that have begun to attack the American homeland seeking out and destroying targets without human intervention. Along with Special Ops soldier, Odin, McKinney sets out to slow the advance of this unseen enemy, hoping that it’s not too late to save humankind from the destruction of her own technological finds in “Kill Decision” by Daniel Suarez.

What would happen if I ended this article right here and now, found a nice cozy spot and a good book to read and got started on it? I don’t need Google or any other search engine to tell me the answer to that, do you?