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You'll Love Checking Out These New Fiction Titles @ JCPL!


It’s February; love is in the air.

Scrolling through some Internet sites, I came across this definition of love: “Love is a wildly misunderstood, although highly desirable, malfunction of the heart, which weakens the brain, causes the eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.”

This quote, written by an unknown author, is the very definition of the “L” word in most households, and also in mine, unless ham is the chosen meal for that particular day.

To me, cooking a ham is a straightforward venture; glaze it, bake it and then eat it. To my husband, it is an art, to be perfected by mixing a hodgepodge of ingredients, glazing the outside of the meat with much ado, and baking, checking, baking, checking, etc, in which case, I abandon the ham, steer clear of the kitchen entirely, and go find a good book to read.

Lucky for me I always check out stacks of the new fiction titles at my local branch of JCPL! Read on!

As I began reading “A Winter Dream” by Richard Paul Evans, I got involved in the family drama surrounding Joseph and his many brothers as they helped their father run the family advertising company. Joseph, one of the younger of the tribe, was a talented ad writer who saved the business by coming up with a winning ad campaign for a large bank, while his brothers seethed in a jealous rage over his success and the fact that he had found such favor in the eyes of their father. Their rage with him was, in fact, so intense that they conspired to exile him from the business, succeeding in their quest only to find themselves in a financial dilemma years later that brought them full circle and face to face, once again with their long lost brother. So immersed in the story, I waited until I finished it to read the blurb on the cover, only to confirm what I had suspected; that the story was loosely based on “Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.” A great holiday story, told by a great storyteller!

After a tragic accident shattered her dreams and took away her one and only true love, Rory Mackenzie vowed never to revisit her Ransom, California hometown. Her past, however, comes back to haunt Rory when a shocking murder occurs in Ransom, and she is drawn into the courtroom drama as juror number seven, dredging up disturbing images from her past in the process in “Ransom River” by Meg Gardiner.

On a winter excursion to her hometown in Colleton County, Judge Deborah Knott and her husband, Dwight Bryant, are enjoying reconnecting with old friends and family members. On their list of those to visit during their stay is Mrs. Lattimore, a woman in failing health whose only wish is to make amends with her family, and in particular, her daughter, Anne. A dinner party at Mrs. Lattimore’s Victorian home includes her long lost nephew, ornithologist, Martin Crawford. Although charming, something about Martin strikes a familiar chord in Anne, and when a string of suspicious murders occurs, Anne’s reservations about Martin deepen and long-buried family secrets emerge in “The Buzzard Table” by Margaret Maron.

Former small town football star-turned-pastor, Walker “Bear” Wells, has seen his share of emotional and spiritual dilemmas as he serves his small Texas community with as much faith as a pastor can muster. He’s dealt with problems in both his congregation and his own family, but something that has never been part of his daily routine is murder, and now that it is, Bear finds himself tangled up in an investigation that would be better left to the pros. The only problem is that this murder has become personal, because the murdered man is the father of his rebellious daughter’s boyfriend, and, as you may have guessed, the boyfriend is the prime suspect in “Faithful Unto Death” a Sugar Land Mystery by Stephanie Jaye Evans.

Ham, like love, can be wildly misunderstood if left in the wrong hands, in which case, I’ll pass on the weak brain, sparkling eyes, high blood pressure, and puckered lips of ham AND love by checking out a good book from my friends at JCPL! Happy February, everyone!