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Good Fiction is "In the Bag" at JCPL!


Once in a blue moon,” you “go for broke” and “race against the clock” to find that perfect book to read, and when you do, you realize that you “can’t judge a book by its cover,” because as you read it, you think to yourself, “it’s all Greek to me.”
The answer to this dilemma is to go to your local branch of JCPL, where, instead of one book, which is a “drop in the bucket,” you check out “a baker’s dozen,” one of which is sure to become “the apple of your eye.” Here is a list and description of some brand new fiction; some will “crack you up,” others will be a “piece of cake” to read and still others may make you realize that “great minds think alike.” Read on!

After a tragic accident takes the life of a young woman, her family decides to take the law into their own hands, setting out to even the score against the man who accidentally killed her. Successful architect, Wade Benson has spent two days in jail for every year of his probation in retribution for the accident that changed his life and the lives of the young woman’s family. Ex-marine Darryl Potter, however, goes after Benson, setting off a series of violent events that trigger a race against time to avoid more lives lost in “Lake Country” by Sean Doolittle.

Lucy Butler has landed her dream job; she is working for world-famous fashion photographer, Stafano Lepres. Her real career goal is to be behind the camera herself, but that seems to be an out of reach goal for Lucy right now. When a superstar actress takes Lucy under her wing, teaching her how to live like the rich and famous by treating her to designer clothes, private planes and penthouse suites, Lucy finds herself lost in the luxury of it all, and at the same time, losing sight of the things she once believed mattered the most in “The Liar, The Bitch and the Wardrobe” by Allie Kingsley.

Mike Bowditch has been transferred from his post as game warden in Maine to a remote Canadian outpost. As a blizzard begins to descend on the coast, Bowditch is summoned to the rustic cabin of a couple who have been approached by a half-frozen man claiming his friend is lost in the blizzard. When the rescue mission is over and the dead man is identified, it becomes clear to Mike that the victim has died from something other than the cold, and sets out to find the truth, only to uncover more secrets in “Bad Little Falls” by Paul Doiron.

Waverly runs a cozy bakery, but worries constantly about paying the bills each month. Kate is married to the would-be governor of Virginia, but has unsettling fears about her future. Amy is a stay at home mom with an apparently perfect life, but what her friends don’t know is that Amy has a secret; a secret that may reveal itself to everyone she knows at any time. Life’s pressures are building for each of these three friends, blurring the line between loyalty and betrayal for some of them and making happy endings a far away dream for others in “How Lucky You Are” by Kristyn Kusek Lewis.

Shrouded in superstition, a small village in Devil’s Moor is the setting for “Your House is on Fire, Your Children all Gone” by Stefan Kiesbye. This novel features four young friends who have come of age in a grand manor house where suspicion reigns supreme and innocent games begin to expose the darkest secrets of a village already replete with strange and eerie happenings.

“At the drop of a hat,” you may decide that some books are “a dime a dozen,” but if you want to really relax, grab your “cup of joe,” and a snack and “chow down,” while I “go out on a limb” and “cut to the chase” by saying that you’ll be “head over heels” with the new books from JCPL, and great entertainment will be “in the bag!”