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The Merry Month of May Brings Great Things @ JCPL, Including New Fiction!


"I was walking through the park one day; in the merry, merry month of May..." and so the song goes.

The merry month of May brings great things to the outdoors, but it also brings great things to the indoors of the Jasper County Public Library.

In May, kids of all ages and adults too, are invited to begin the summer with reading programs galore; reading programs that supply all ages with entertainment, prizes, and best of all, great reading material!

This summer at JCPL, young kids are invited to "Dig Into Reading," teens are invited to look "Beneath the Surface," and adults are invited to find some "Groundbreaking Reads," and just to give you a head-start on breaking ground, here are some new fiction titles. Read on!

The Civil War has just ended, and in its aftermath, Josephine Weatherly and her mother, Eugenia, struggle to put their lives back together. Upon returning to their Virginia plantation, the bitter realities are far too vivid; their home and surrounding properties are nothing but shadows of what they once were, and the dream that once was a way of life has been shattered and reduced to little more than a nightmare. The keyword that aptly describes their present situation is "survival," and both women come to realize that in order to survive, they must recognize the fact that they will need the help of those around them in "All Things New" by Lynn Austin.

Set within a backdrop of the ever-changing Western United States, "Boleto" by Alyson Hagy features Will Testerman, a young horse trainer whose job on the Texas show-horse circuit ended in disaster. Returning to the family ranch, Will spends his remaining savings on a beautiful quarter horse and begins the process of training her. With the confidence of youth and determination on his side, Will journeys to the rugged Absaroka Mountains, taking the filly along, finally ending up in the treacherous polo fields of southern California for the ultimate test of skills. This novel brings the reader closer to an understanding of the very intimate relationship between humans and animals, as well as the very real aspect of money and the drive to succeed.

Tallula Demetriou has lost the love of her life. Her werewolf lover, Jake, met with a violent death that has left her abandoned. Pregnant with his child and hunted by members of the World Organization for the Control of Occult Phenomena, Tallula, a werewolf herself, finds refuge in a remote Alaskan lodge. When her infant son is born on the night of the full moon, Tallula finds herself thrown into a fight for survival as she races against time to save herself and her young son from the psychotic leader of WOCOP and a host of religious fanatics who are determined to eradicate she and her son from the planet in "Tallula Rising" by Glen Duncan.

At the tender age of eleven, Cathy Benson has been orphaned. Losing her parents at such a young age takes Cathy from an academically privileged life in California to small town Kersey, Texas, where football is more important than all else. Befriending classmates, John Caldwell and Trey Don Hall, Cathy finds a common bond in that both boys are also orphans. By the time the teens reach high school age, the fast friendship they once had becomes a love triangle, until tragic events uproot them, breaking them apart in "Tumbleweeds" by Leila Meacham.

In the "merry month of May," while your little ones "Dig Into Reading," and your teens search "Beneath the Surface" at your local branch of JCPL, take the time for some "Groundbreaking Reads" of your own and check out any or all of these new fiction titles!