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On With the Story! Check Out These New Fiction Titles From JCPL!


I take books along with me everywhere I go; in fact, on a recent visit to the dentist, I took a book along for company, because "I've been to the dentist before, so I know the drill."

It seems like there is less and less time between dental visits, and I think that's probably because "time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like bananas." I came really close to not showing up for my dental visit because I nearly forgot about it. It's funny, "I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes!" I do know from experience, however, that forgetting while cooking can be hazardous to your health, because "if you leave alphabet soup on the stove too long, it could spell disaster!"

Have you enjoyed these puns? If you got a kick out of them, you'll enjoy Michael Malone's "Four Corners of the Sky." In this novel, you'll meet a wonderful cast of characters, one of who stole my heart by using puns to get his point across. The story features Annie Peregrine-Goode, a Navy pilot with abandonment issues after being left by her con-artist father to be raised by his sister, Sam, and her room-mate, Clark Goode. Even though the pair are not romantically involved, and even though they are not Annie's biological parents, no one could love her more, and as you delve deeper into the story, you'll discover a love of old movies as Sam uses famous lines of old to get her point across and, like me, you'll find the puns used by Clark to be truly endearing.

So, on with the story, and I'm typing it because "to write with a broken pencil is pointless." Read on for more, great, new fiction at JCPL!

Em Moore is partnering with Teddy in writing celebrity biographies. Shy beyond the realm of normal, Em depends on Teddy to do the interviewing and public schmoozing that it takes to get the job done. When Teddy dies in a tragic accident, Em is left not only bereaved by the loss of her friend and co-worker, but is also adrift in the intimidating world of celebrity. Slowly building the courage it takes to continue the interview that Teddy started with renowned film director, Garrett Malcolm, Em starts hearing whispers of skeletons in the Malcolm family closet, and finds her very existence further threatened by a police investigation into Teddy's "accident" in "The Perfect Ghost" by Linda Barnes.

If you like a page-turner with one twist and turn after another, David Carnoy delivers just that in "The Big Exit," in which you'll meet ex-con Richie Forman. Fresh out of prison, Richie works nightly as a Frank Sinatra impersonator. Playing in San Francisco's lounges and corporate parties, it's a living. Richie's life takes a surprisingly downward turn when his ex-best friend is found hacked to death in his garage. After stealing Richie's fiance' while Richie was in prison, did the man deserve to die, and is it only fair to assume that Richie is responsible for the grisly crime?

It is the year 1921. Julie Vernet, a young French woman, has just gotten a job on a ship leaving Paris on a journey to New York. Enraptured with the idea of the freedom and adventure of the high seas, Julie meets two other women, Constance Stone, a young American sent to Paris to retrieve her wild and carefree sister, Faith, and Vera, a rich, ex-patriate American leaving France after a 31 year stay to return to America. The trans-Atlantic voyage of these three women, all from very different walks of life, brings them together in such unexpected ways that the impact of their chance encounters makes for an unforgettable read in "Crossing on the Paris" by Dana Gynther.

Right now, I would like to settle in with a good book, because 'it's raining cats and dogs," but I guess that's okay as long as it "doesn't reindeer." I should get something done around the house, and I hear there's a "new type of broom just out that's sweeping the nation." But seriously, the book I'm currently reading is about "anti-gravity; it's just impossible to put down." Probably that's because it's a book from my local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where, I promise not to "overdue it." (puns provided by "puns of the day.")