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The Best in New Fiction From JCPL: ASAP!


"Give me the abbreviated version.” Make it short; we do, after all, live in an abbreviated USA, don’t we? I vowed I’d never text and would never do the “LOL,” etc. thing.

Now, I’ve gotten so used to sending messages via text that when I write I have a hard time remembering to form complete words and sentences.

It’s so tempting to, for example, tell u 2 visit ur local branch of JCPL, where its 2ez 2 find the best in new fiction, and ASAP! If ur like me, u will b impressed, c & g (chuckle and grin) and maybe even LOL when you check these out!

Nora Blackbird works as a society columnist. Her latest assignment is to “get the goods” on high society celebrities, or else. Because she can’t afford to lose her job, she complies by writing a profile on billionaire fashion designer, Swain Starr. Before Nora can complete the story, though, Starr is murdered. The next step for Nora, of course, is to beat the cops to the punch and find out who murdered the mogul, so the Blackbird sisters put their heads together, investigating the high society murder with vigor in “Little Black Book of Murder: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery,” book number 9 in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series by Nancy Martin.

Cork O’Connor, former sheriff turned Private Investigator of Minnesota’s sleepy Tamarack County, finds himself in deep as a pre-Christmas blizzard hits, piling snow so deep that the county becomes a dark and isolated maze of drifted snow; snow so deep that the wife of a retired judge in the county has disappeared, and her car found abandoned on a rural road. When a search and rescue team turns up nothing, Cork begins to put the pieces together, and a startling pattern begins to emerge. With one plot twist after another, “Tamarack County,” book number 13 in the Cork O’Connor series by William Kent Krueger, is a fast paced thriller, full of bone chilling suspense.

With a tortured past filled with tragedy, Kate Parker has weathered the unimaginable. Her parents were taken too soon in a traffic accident and her husband was the victim of a robbery gone wrong. Now, Kate and her young son, Jack are looking for peace, serenity and a better life, but attempting to pull her life back together after so many tragic events leaves Kate wondering if she and her son will ever really be safe in “Accidents Happen” by Louise Miller.

Freak Day, the day it all began, could never be explained by anyone, not now, not ever. It was a day when strangers, friends and even family members went crazy and started biting one another. Was it caused by a flu shot, or a diet drug that left terrible side effects behind? No one knows for sure, but everyone knows that once you have been bitten, you fall asleep and wake up forever changed in “Domino Falls,” book number 2 in the Devil’s Wake series by Steven Barnes.

And so, BOL (best of luck) as you try to decide which of these books you’ll check out, COS (because) it’s not EZ (easy) to pick just one, and DIS (did I say) YOLO (you only live once)? So stay tuned, COS (because) I’ll BRB (be right back) with more great titles. Cya (see ya) soon if you CTC (care to chat)!