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Cabin Fever? We Have the Cure!

Photo of a tiny cabin on a tiny island. Photo by schmilblick via flickr.

The grocery stores, once chock-full of bread and milk, now have shelves empty as the pockets of a bride’s father after the wedding. Why?

All because of a meso-lo (some weather term thrown around to explain the unreasonable jolt of cold and snow this week) and a jet stream (a term also used to help us understand the whys and wherefores of the coming storm, used in combination with words like ‘isobars’) that is confused enough to make Indiana’s mercury plummet faster than the speed of light, making Alaska and Greenland preferred vacation spots where you could probably get a tan, or at the very least, not have to dress in fifty layers of clothing and footwear just to step out the door.

As that darn jet stream drags down from the Arctic Circle, plunging the Polar Vortex (you can tell the weather report has my rapt attention) deeper into the Midwestern and Southern states, those of us living here get a taste of weather the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years, bringing about the terrible illness called “cabin fever,” for which there is no cure but to read a good book that takes your mind off your troubles, and lo and behold, a cure can be found at your local branch of JCPL. Check out these new adult fiction titles!

Two sisters, Patty and Rachel, are left to their own devices one hot, dry summer in 1979. Their very handsome, but chronically unfaithful father is a detective, and finds himself up against a troubling case when young women begin to turn up dead high in the mountain behind his house. As the “Sunset Strangler” continues on his killing spree with no relief in sight, Rachel decides to play a dangerous game, and sets herself up as bait in an attempt to catch the killer. Unfortunately her scheme backfires, destroying her father’s career and altering the lives of those she loves. Thirty years later, Rachel returns to her hometown, still hoping to vindicate her father and smoke out the killer, and in the process, uncovers a long-buried family secret in “After Her” by Joyce Maynard.

The sleepy town of Port Aster is the setting for “Deadly Devotion,” book number one in the Port Aster Secrets series by Sandra Orchard. In this suspense/thriller, you’ll meet research scientist, Kate Adams, who, along with her colleague, Daisy, are working on a breakthrough herbal treatment for depression when Daisy suddenly and unexpectedly dies. When Daisy’s death is ruled a suicide by local police, Kate is determined to uncover the truth surrounding her friend’s death and enlists the help of Detective Tom Parker to investigate, hounding him until he knows his job is at stake to vindicate her friend’s un timely demise, but, being the new guy in town, Parker holds everyone, including Kate, under suspicion, as he untangles the web of intrigue in the sleepy little town.

When a tragic accident claims the life of his mother, young Theo Decker miraculously survives. Although he is alone, he is determined to avoid being discovered and taken into an orphanage, so Theo scrambles from one home to another on the streets of the city. When he becomes mesmerized by a painting that reminds Theo of his mother, he is helplessly drawn into the art underworld in “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt.

When Thom Carlyle, the son of one of Washington’s most powerful men, falls to his death from the top of a Harvard bell tower on a warm summer night, New England Chronicle reporter, Alexandra James, is assigned to cover the story. Chasing leads all over the countryside, James discovers a nuclear terrorist network and becomes intrigued, pursuing the possibilities. Arriving back in Washington, D.C. for an interview that may tie together all of her suspicions to make her story complete, Alex begins to realize that she has gone from being the hunter to being the hunted, grasping only too late that Thom Carlyle may have been murdered to cover up a much more sinister crime in “Anonymous Sources” by Mary Louise Kelly.

For now, the jet stream and isobars are relenting, so we may be able to shrug off a layer or two of our cold weather gear, but, just in case the isobars and jet stream start to put the squeeze on us, bringing with it another Polar Vortex, (even if the Sun Dogs that come from it are sort of pretty) get to your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where the new adult fiction on the shelves will “take you away!”