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Always Fashionable: New Adult Fiction @ JCPL!


Words are like fashion, they come and go and change with the times, and sometimes, they even become popular and important enough in our everyday language to be placed in the dictionary.

You may even have used some of them. If you’ve been photo-conscious and snapped a photo of yourself, you’re familiar with the term, “selfie.” If you like to surf the Internet at home AND at work, you may have been caught “cyber-loafing” by your boss or co-workers.

If you have an obsession with constantly checking your smart-phone while talking to others, you may be “phubbing” (snubbing in favor of your phone) those around you. One term that comes to mind that I hear quite a bit lately is “epic.” I even had to look it up, because I always thought of an epic as a poem or tribute.

Epic, it turns out, can be described by many adjectives, including “impressively great,” “exciting events or adventures,” “awesome,” just to name a few, which brings me to the reason for this article, and that’s to introduce you to some EPIC, new fiction that can be found on the shelves of your local branch of JCPL! Read on!

Shandi Pierce is only twenty one. Raising a precocious and genius of a three year old son, her life is well on its way, until she and her little boy, Natty, get caught in the middle of a stick-up taking place in a convenience store. Also in the store at the time is William Ashe, a man whose life was shattered by the law of physics exactly one year before when he lost his wife and young daughter in a tragic accident. Getting in the way of the robber’s bullet is the least of his worries, so Ashe takes charge, makes his move and saves the day, becoming Shandi’s hero. What follows is a funny and poignant story of love, friendship, and learning that things are not always as they seem, and that sometimes, what your heart really desires is right in front of you in “Someone Else’s Love Story” by Joshilyn Jackson.

The Stitchery, some say, is a place of magic; a place where the most ardent wishes of the townsfolk are knitted right into the beautiful scarves, hats and mittens created by the Van Ripper sisters, Aubrey, Bitty, and Meggie. When the matriarch of the Stitchery, Mariah, passes away leaving her tumbledown shop to her three nieces, this knitting trio must reassess their lives and decide, once and for all, the future fate of The Stitchery. “The Wishing Threads” by Lisa Van Allen is wonderfully woven yarn, full of love, magic, sacrifice, and second chances.

Happily married for over eighteen years, Gabby and Elliot have built a beautiful life together. Forty three year old Gabby is happy with her life; a doctor’s wife with two teenage daughters, she feels satisfied, safe, secure and in love with her husband. A night out with her friends, however, brings temptation into Gabby’s life, and when a young man approaches her, Gabby’s boundaries begin to shift, and she steps out of her comfort zone and into the allure of attraction. Will she give in to the intoxicating feeling of being desired by another man? Find out in “Tempting Fate” by Jane Green.

Lucy Sheridan has returned to Summer River for her aunt’s funeral. The trip brings back the memory of her last visit, when, thirteen years before, Lucy had attended a party that got too wild and was dragged out by her crush, Mason Fletcher. Now working for a private investigation firm as a forensic genealogist, Lucy sees the changes of the past thirteen years in Mason, and the little town of Summer River, as well. When Lucy and Mason make a shocking discovery inside of Aunt Sara’s house, the protector in Mason comes out once again, and Lucy discovers that there was more to the story of that wild party thirteen years before in “River Road” by Jayne Ann Krentz.

If you’re looking for something awesome, something impressively great, some exciting events or adventures, and something of unusually great size or extent, come to your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where the new adult fiction is simply EPIC!