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New Adult Fiction From JCPL is "The Real Thing!"


Butter vs. margarine; there used to be a commercial with a woman dressed as Mother Nature, who, when challenged about the benefits of margarine vs. butter, coined the phrase, “You can’t fool Mother Nature!”

One evening, diet and nutrition were the topic for conversation, and as a couple of my friends sat at my kitchen table, they warned me against margarine, because “it’s like eating plastic; your body doesn’t recognize it as food!” What? My body is so used to Twinkies, margarine, Suzy Q’s and other foods probably not classified as foods, that giving it something as nutritious as an apple sends it straight into panic mode, all systems at the ready to detox, detox, detox!

Because I read everything, you better believe I read labels, and no-where on the label of my special brand of margarine is there a warning that my body will not recognize it as anything but a friend. To my body, it’s ‘the real thing.’ Another ‘real thing’ is this: There are some new adult fiction titles at your local branch of JCPL that you’ll recognize as something that’s really good for you, so read on!

Nina and Averil are sisters; Nina has given up the career in medicine that she’s always dreamed of to be her younger sister’s caretaker. Living on Blackberry Island with their mother, the two girls had to look out for each other because their mother lived a reckless life. When Averil marries, Nina begins to think that she can pursue her own dreams, but finds it difficult to leave Blackberry Island when her mother makes a discovery that changes everything for both she and her sister in “Evening Stars,” book number three in the Blackberry Island series by Susan Mallery.

Felix Brewster is a charmer, and marries Bambi Gottschalk in 1959, providing a comfortable life for her and their three daughters until July of 1976 when Felix disappears without a trace. Bambi and the girls are left without an income, and out of desperation to find her missing husband, Bambi searches for the one woman who would probably know his whereabouts; his mistress, Julie. When Julie goes missing, however, it is presumed that she has met up with Felix, but when her remains are discovered in a secluded park, it is apparent that something much more sinister is going on. Twenty six years later, Julie’s murder case is re-opened by Roberto Sanchez, a retired Baltimore detective working cold cases, and as he investigates, a web of deceit, bitterness and resentment unfolds, and at the center is the man who, decades earlier, disappeared without a trace in “After I’m Gone” by Laura Lippman.

China’s Cultural Revolution led to imprisonment and torture for Benfu. When he escapes his imprisonment, he meets and falls in love with Calla Lily, and the pair builds a beautiful life together, taking in abandoned children along the way. As the wounds of his past begin to heal, Benfu is faced with more hardship, and must find a way to overcome it as he has so many times in the past in “The Scavenger’s Daughters,” book number one in the Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters series by Kay Bratt. The saga of Benfu and his family continues in book number two, “Tangled Vines,” and book number three, “Bitter Winds,” all by Kay Bratt.

After the death of his father, bomber and space warfare veteran, Patrick McLanahan is flying solo as he leads a team of engineers in the design of Starfire, the world’s first orbiting solar power plant. Starfire’s capabilities go beyond supplying inexpensive electricity to planet Earth. Among Starfire’s major attributes are the abilities to explore the solar system and transmit power to the moon, asteroids and spacecraft. U.S. President, Kenneth Phoenix, has other plans for Starfire, however, and those plans include militarizing the newly created solar power plant, which creates a terrifying arms race that may lead to global war in “Starfire” by Dale Brown.

It is said that “You are what you eat.” I, however, prefer to think that “I am what I read,” and what I read are great, new fiction titles that are ‘the real thing,’ with nutritional value through the roof, and very good for all who care to check them out!

Photo by RoxyHobbs @ flickr.