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Revive With These Brand New Adult Fiction Titles; The Great Escape!

Photo of a frazzled mother surrounded by domestic chaos.

It all started with a light fixture. Simply changing a light fixture in my dining room led to a total renovation that has lasted since March; it is now August and we can safely use the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new,” because the work is now complete.

Getting something new is exciting, but when it involves ‘remodeling this old house,’ it can make the people living in ‘this old house’ feel old too, because layer after layer of “old” drywall and flooring being removed and replaced with new can be a challenge to even the most patient person, and until the dust settles, that person or people may, from time to time need a ‘great escape.’

There is no better escape from the madness of remodeling like a good book. Books are portable and can offer solace in any space, so READ ON for your next great escape in the form of new adult fiction from your friends at the Jasper County Public Library!

Something sinister lurks in the small Pennsylvania town of Wyalusing; a woman has been found brutally murdered one bitterly cold winter night. Danny Bedford, intimidating in size, but mentally challenged due to a prior brain injury, has been found near the body. The natural assumption by the local police and the townspeople is that in a moment of violence, Danny committed the murder. But when more crimes begin to occur and upset the quiet order of the small Pennsylvania town, it becomes clear that there may be something deeper going on, and as secrets emerge, it becomes impossible to assume anything at all in “Deep Winter” by Samuel W. Gailey.

Mabel Dagmar has been awarded a scholarship to attend a prestigious East Coast college. Mabel comes from an ordinary, middle class family, and thinks that she’s struck gold when she is paired up with her college roommate, Genevra Winslow, a rich and beautiful party girl. Becoming an insider to Ev’s family life when she visits Bittersweet, Ev’s own cottage on the Winslow family estate in Vermont, brings Mabel to realize that all that glitters is not gold when it comes this powerful family, and that they will stop at nothing to keep their wealth in “Bittersweet” by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore.

The year is 1860; the setting, the remote Scottish island of Harris. Alexander Ferguson has just been ordained a minister, and doubles as a revolutionary scientist in search of the truth behind the legend of the selkies, mermaids and seal men that legend has it were descendents of Alexander’s. Time and circumstances irrevocably change the lives of Alexander and others on the island, however, and the big white house known as the Sea House retains its secrets until a century later when Ruth and Michael purchase the grand house, refurbishing it to make it their home. When the bones of a baby are discovered beneath the old house, Ruth feels the need to discover the truth behind the burial of the small child, and the mystery deepens upon the discovery that the child’s legs are fused together in the likeness of a mermaid child. Layer by layer, histories and secrets are revealed in “The Sea House” by Elisabeth Gifford.

After a serious car accident leaves Frank unable to remember the facts of his own life, he must rely on those around him to fill in the blanks. All he knows for sure is that he is a lawyer, and an overwhelmed one, at that, according to his friends and family. Things don’t add up, though, and as the facts pile up and memories begin to flood in unannounced, Frank’s life unravels in unexpected ways in “Terms & Conditions” by Robert Glancy.

Still in ‘old house renovation mode,’ I looked at my reflection in the mirror one morning, and, makeup in hand, thought to myself, “That’s gonna need another coat.” Now, I ask you, do I need ‘the JCPL New Fiction Great Escape,” or what?