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Great, New Fiction: That's What's On The Menu @ Your Local Branch of JCPL!

Book on a Plate

Menu: A list of dishes available in a restaurant or any list of items or activities to choose from.

Babysitting the grandkids at my daughter’s house has been made more challenging because of Harley, a black lab who has created her own menu, mostly from things on the OUTSIDE of the refrigerator. That’s not to say, however, that if she could just learn how to access things INSIDE of the refrigerator they would not also be fair game, but for now, her tastes have consisted of, but are not limited to, things hanging on the refrigerator.

A hearty Harley breakfast the other day consisted of one calendar, eaten in its entirety of all 12 months, a folder, a plastic binder, a sheet of homework, and for dessert, a magnet or two. She now has a ‘magnetic personality,’ I’m sure. What’s on your menu for the day? I’m thinking of digesting a book or two; that’s what’s on my menu for today. Read on for some great, new fiction on the menu at your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library!

It’s winter time in the high plains, and Sheriff Walt Longmire takes on the mercy case put on his plate by his former boss, Lucian Conally. A friend of Conally’s, Detective Gerald Holman, has died, and although the evidence points to suicide, Lucian can’t let it rest until he investigates. As Walt delves deep into the case, a secret is uncovered; a secret so dark that it threatens the lives of others in “Any Other Name,” book number 10 in the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson.

After a happy childhood, closely knit sisters, Beryl, Isak and Rumer grow up and go their separate ways. Returning to their New Hampshire home when their mother, Mia, passes away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, the three sisters reunite, catching up on one another’s lives amid all of the funeral preparations. Discovering their mother’s handwritten memoir, the three women learn secrets that have been kept hidden for many years; secrets of clandestine romance, passionate dreams and the joy and guilt that are part and parcel of such dreams in “More Than You Know” by Nan Parson Rossiter.

Condemned to hang after being tried and convicted of heresy and treason, John Wesley Hawkins is taken to the gallows, but receives a pass by way of the Lord Protector, who steps in at the eleventh hour offering mercy. The mercy, however, comes at a price and Hawkins is sent on a dangerous mission to delve into the secrets of the Irish resistance, but finds himself face to face with Caitlin MacBride, mistress of the Irish castle Clonmuir. Full of loyalty to her Irish countrymen, Caitlin MacBride is certainly not going to being taken in by an Englishman such as Hawkins in “The Maiden of Ireland” by Susan Wiggs.

The mysterious death of a CIA agent overseas leaves more questions than answers, and when a deadly chain of events takes place, the new president of these United States recruits counterterrorism operative Scot Horvath to carry out a dangerous mission; a mission that must remain a secret, because the alternative will mean certain war in “Act of War,” book number 13 in the Scot Horvath series by Brad Thor.

What are you hungry for? If you’re looking for a way to ‘dish up’ some good reading material and you have an appetite for excellent entertainment, check out these great, new fiction titles, now on the menu at your local branch of JCPL!