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Make Your Day DELICIOUS With a Stack of New Adult Fiction From JCPL!!

Photo of an edible book titled how to eat a book 4 dummies.

In “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff, you’ll meet a tiny mouse that turns out to be quite bossy, sending a little boy on one errand after another throughout the day. It starts with one, single cookie.

We all know that if you have a cookie, you’ll need a glass of milk to wash it down with; and what would a glass of milk be without a straw to drink it with? One request leads to another, and then, topping it off is the mess the mouse leaves behind.

If I were to write a book about my days with a retired husband, it would read a lot like this giggle-fest of a book; however, I’m not giggling when, hungry for a cookie myself, I find only an empty package; or when the box of crackers that are my favorite flavor disappear without a trace; or when my nightly pretzel raid comes to a screeching halt because that package is also empty.

Then there is the trail of crumbs that leads straight to the guilty party, who is resting comfortably with a full belly and with the TV remote in hand. Lucky for me my taste in books does not appeal to my retiree husband; otherwise I’d probably have to hide my stack of new, adult fiction, just checked out from my local branch of JCPL. Read on!

Within thirty minutes of entering a bar in Farmington, New Mexico, Ellie McKay is betrothed to cowboy, Al Robison. Thirty minutes doesn’t tell them much about each other, and Ellie has a track record a mile long, having been on the run for weeks after the brutal attack she suffered at the hands of the same sociopath who murdered her boyfriend in Pennsylvania. After so much trauma, Ellie does not feel safe anywhere, and rightly so, and when she agrees to Al’s proposal, she knows so little about him that when his dark past rears its ugly head, Ellie must think twice in “Fog of Dead Souls” by Jill Kelly.

Fourteen year old Trevor Riddell is on a mission. His parents’ marriage is in trouble, their finances in shambles. Catching his first glimpse of the family mansion, Trevor visits Riddell House with his father, where Grandpa Samuel still lives. The goal is to move Grandpa Samuel to a care-facility, sell the property and house, divide the profits with Trevor’s aunt and live happily ever after. There is, however, someone else living in Riddell House; and that someone is a ghost who will not rest until the wishes of Riddell House’s original owner are fulfilled. In “A Sudden Light” by Garth Stein, the past and present collide, and family secrets are revealed, holding the key to the future of the remaining members of the Riddell family.

Indiana Keller has an agenda when she purchases property in Hope Springs, Texas. Expanding her profitable vegetable business is the first priority; selling honey from the property’s bee colony is the second, and last but certainly not least is the fact that Indiana wants desperately to reunite with her two brothers, Tennessee and Dakota. Enter two determined men, one with a checkered past and one genuinely attracted to Indiana, and Indiana finds herself caught in a triangle, needing to choose between the two men while she picks up the pieces of her life in “The Sweetness of Honey,” book number three in the Hope Springs series by Alison Kent.

Twenty years after the disappearance of Madeline Barker’s father, his car surfaces, and clues to his long-ago and sudden departure are found in the trunk of the car. Much to the disapproval of Madeline’s family and the police, Madeline decides to take matters into her own hands and hires Private Investigator, Hunter Solazano to trace those clues, and as he digs deeper into the case, shocking evidence comes to light. But someone in Stillwater wants Madeline and Hunter to stop digging, and is determined to keep secrets buried in “Dead Right,” book number three in the Stillwater trilogy by Brenda Novak.

If you give a man a cookie, he’ll likely want a cup of coffee to go with it; if you give a woman a cookie, she’ll likely want a cup of coffee to go with it AND a stack of new adult fiction from her local branch of JCPL to make her day even more DELICIOUS!