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What's The Buzz? New Fiction on the Shelves of Your Local Branch of JCPL!

Cartoon bee asks What's the Buzz?

What’s the ‘buzz?’ At the close of every year, I check out the most popular ‘buzzwords’ for the year; the words that have made it into Wikipedia and the dictionary, most of which I had never heard before. Apparently, this year is all about ‘localisation,’ defined as “movement toward localized appeal by consumers.”

Marketing strategies have been at the forefront of 2014, in a large part because technology is changing the way we shop and make decisions as consumers, so ‘Viewability’ is a word that defines the way we capture our audiences with online ads that are attractive and appealing, which leads to ‘Growth Hacking’ or utilizing those marketing strategies that will convert our audiences to users of our products.

My favorite buzzword, by far, though, is ‘Customer Centricity,’ which uses new technology along with traditional strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, using the age-old premise, “The customer is always right.” I like that. At the Jasper County Public Library, it’s our mantra, and the new adult fiction on the shelves of JCPL speaks volumes to that fact. Read on for a sneak peek at some of those new titles!

Kelley Quinn, father of four grown children and the owner of the Winter Street Inn in Nantucket, is looking forward to an old fashioned Christmas holiday, with all four of his children and his second wife, Mitzi, all together at the Inn. Everything goes south for Kelley, however, when he walks in on Mitzi and the man playing Santa at the Inn’s Christmas party sharing a kiss under the mistletoe. Each of the Quinn siblings have enough drama in their lives without adding the scandalous behavior of Mitzi to it all, and when it comes right down to it, the dysfunctional Quinn family find themselves looking toward Kelley’s ex-wife, Margaret Quinn, for help in “Winter Street” by Elin Hilderbrand.

After a life of violence and more than his share of loss, Jim Stegner has left his life as an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to start fresh in rural Colorado. Taking up fly fishing and spending some time during his days painting, he is doing well financially and coming to terms with the demons of his past. Everything changes in one afternoon for Stegner, however, when he encounters a man abusing a horse. What follows shatters his quiet existence, leading him to exit Colorado and return to Santa Fe, taking his battered conscience and memories along with him in “The Painter” by Peter Heller.

The cotton crop is ready to go to the market, but Susannah Abbot Baylor needs help getting it from her Texas farm to the cotton market. Enlisting the help of Henry Buckmeyer, Susannah is prepared to deal with his surly nature, but is totally taken aback by his irresistible charm, wit and good looks. Romance blossoms between the two of them, but is waylaid by the dangers that arise during the trip and the turmoil in Susannah’s heart in “Vow Unbroken” by Caryl McAdoo.
 When the tiny desert town of Twentynine Palms, California is threatened by corporate greed, residents, Nell Walker and Monkey Burnett, enlist the help of their Chemehuevi and Anglo neighbors to save the ancient land and the wildlife that inhabits it in “29” by Mary Sojourner.

What’s the buzz? Your friends at JCPL know are looking forward to seeing ‘localisation’ as you visit your local library this year, and may utilize a little ‘growth hacking’ to reach out to all ages, from baby boomers to millennials and beyond, with ‘big data’ (more technology),’ ‘viewability,’ and lots and lots of ‘customer centricity!’