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Need a Getaway? Take a Detour to Your Local Branch Of JCPL for Some New Fiction!

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One of my kids’ favorite stories growing up was “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bay Day” by Judith Viorst. In this lovable story, Alexander wakes up with gum in his hair, his brother gets the box of cereal with the prize in it and so his terrible, horrible day begins.

His plan of action to escape the horror is to move to Australia, where, I suppose everyone has only good days.

One day when my 4 year old grandson was being his charmingly, entertaining self, I offhandedly asked him, “Oh, Eli, where in the world did you come from?” Never missing a beat, he replied, “Florida, I think.” This got me to thinking that even kids need to ‘get away’ from it all from time to time, and Alexander and Eli may be onto something here.

Do you need to escape, get away from it all? Checking out the new adult fiction at your local branch of JCPL may be just the getaway for you! Read on!

English professor, Tom Putnam, hangs out in the campus bookstore much of the time, when he is not caring for his neurotic wife, Marjory, who has become a shut in, living a solitary life of phobias since Tom’s unwise choice to have a love affair with a poetess years before. One evening, out on a rare trip along with Marjory to the bookstore, the pair meets up with charming Rose Callahan, the new clerk at the bookstore. Marjory takes to her right away and uncharacteristically invites her to their home for dinner. Change is in the air at the Putnam home, not only because Marjory has a new-found friend, but also because Tom has just made the discovery that he has fathered a child with his old lover, shifting his world in greater ways than he could have imagined in “Small Blessings” by Martha Woodroof.

Leaving her Montana roots, Alma Terrebonne feels free, not only of the cold, dark winters of her hometown, but of the very atmosphere that held her back for so long. Now a successful lawyer, Alma’s life is just beginning. Alma soon discovers, however, that she has not exactly escaped her dark past, because her only sister, Vicky, has been found dead after a night of partying. Presumed to have frozen to death after wandering away from a party, it soon becomes apparent to Alma that her sister may have met with foul play, and that her death may not have been an accident after all in “The Home Place” by Carrie La Seur.

Janie Jenkins never said she liked her mother all that much, but she also would have never killed her. After spending ten years in prison for the murder of her mother, Janie Jenkins has been released on a technicality. With the media hot on her trail, she begins the relentless task of trying to uncover the mystery surrounding her mother’s death, and journeys to the tiny town where the mystery began. Janie’s life before landing in prison was a charmed one; she had the looks, the brains and the connections to go places, but will those connections pay off now?  Find out in “Dear Daughter” by Elizabeth Little.

The Bird family is a happy one. Meg, Beth , twins, Rory and Rhys, along with their parents, live a charmed life together in a honey colored, picture perfect home. One Easter weekend, however, tragedy knocks on the door of the Bird family, and once that happens, things are never the same for any of them. The Bird family is now a family torn apart, and as time goes on, each of the four siblings goes their separate ways. Grown up now, the four of them have been called back to the family’s home, and each must confront the events of their past in “The House We Grew Up In” by Lisa Jewell.

If you’re missing the prize in your cereal, and you think your day would be better spent in Florida or even Australia, take a detour to your local branch of JCPL  first, where the new adult fiction on the shelves will be just the ‘prize’ you need to make it through the day!