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Express Yourself; Visit JCPL for Some New Adult Fiction!


March is halfway over; it’s now the seventeenth. Around the bend comes April, with all events so neat.

For April is for poets, who express themselves with rhyme; they write about great loves and such, and feelings so sublime. The opening of April is really fun for fools; for the first day of this springtime month lets us break a million rules.

Libraries are celebrated, and that’s a well-known fact; from the 12th to the 18th of April this year, they’re the number one act. National Library Week is upon us, we’ll celebrate, that’s true; and most of our celebrating at JCPL will be all about you! So express yourself with poetry, and visit JCPL, where the following new fiction will really ring your bell!

When one deskman goes missing and another is murdered right in the Medical Examiner’s Office, Forensic Scientist, Theresa MacLean begins to search out clues as to what may have happened. When the body of a second victim is discovered, Theresa finds a clue that links these two crimes to one that took place ten years before, when the ME records secretary was found murdered in her own home. With a ruthless killer on the loose, Theresa must work quickly to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, or she may be the next victim in “Close to the Bone” by Lisa Black. 

When his fiancé goes missing, hostage negotiator, Daniel Trent knows that time is of the essence, and sets out to find her. He has an idea of who is responsible for her presumed abduction, and when the suspect is also taken hostage by a rival gang, Daniel’s workload doubles. Daniel must first secure the release of Jerome Moreau, and make sure he is safe upon his return, so that he can begin interrogating him about the whereabouts of his girlfriend. When things don’t add up and don’t go according to plan, Trent must put all of his instincts to work in “Dead Line” by Chris Ewan.

Evie is running from a troubled past; a life that she did not choose. Gaining access to “The Sanctuary,” a home for abandoned, stray and homeless dogs, is Evie’s goal. She even lied to the owner of the Sanctuary, pretending to know far more about dogs than she actually does, just to make it her own home. Once Mrs. Auberchon accepts Evie and brings her into the fold, each woman realizes her own worth, and the worth of the animals that have found refuge, escaping homelessness and hopelessness in The Sanctuary, in “The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances” by Ellen Cooney.

Matthew “The Rocket” Rising was an up and coming football star. Married to Audrey, his high school sweetheart, Matthew was the number one draft pick for the NFL. Tragedy got in the way of his career, however, and now Matthew is serving a prison sentence because of irrefutable evidence that he committed a heinous crime. All is lost to Matthew now; his freedom, his football career and the love of his life, Audrey. Upon his release from prison, Matthew sets out to find Audrey, who has taken shelter with Nuns at a Catholic school. It is at that school that Audrey has discovered a young boy who has the drive, the talent and the athletic ability to become a number one football player, but he needs a coach. When Matthew re-enters her life, he risks his freedom once again to win back the love of his life in “A Life Intercepted” by Charles Martin.

And so, I’m not a poet; to that I will admit. I have no talent stringing words together and making it all fit. One thing that I can tell you, though, and it’s a simple truth; JCPL has the bestest books for teens, adults and youths!