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New Adult Fiction @ JCPL: AWESOME!

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It is amazing how many times in one episode of ‘The Bachelor’ the word ‘amazing’ is used to describe something.

The current location that they are filming from is ‘amazing!’ All of the contestants are truly ‘amazing!’ In fact, everything on the program is so ‘amazing’ that during one episode this season, contestants who used the word ‘amazing’ had to contribute a dollar to the ‘amazing’ jar.

What other words, I wondered, could be used as substitutes for the word ‘amazing?’ Are there any such words? How about ‘incredible,’ ‘wonderful,’ ‘remarkable,’ ‘fabulous,’ or ‘awesome’ instead?

In fact, AWESOME is the word chosen at the Jasper County Public Library to describe books that you have read that you found to be truly ‘amazing,’ and that you would recommend to others, and each branch of JCPL has set up an ‘Awesome’ box that you can use to return those titles so that we can tag them as such so that others can enjoy them as well!

Meanwhile, check out some of these truly incredible, amazing, AWESOME, new adult fiction titles!

The vicious murders of some of the most beautiful women in the Florida Everglades have Miami’s top prosecutor, Abe Beckham, hot on the trail of a killer. Abe’s personal life is a mess. His first wife, Samantha, was gorgeous, and when she died, Abe could not believe she was gone so soon. His new wife, Angelina, has always felt that she lives in Samantha’s shadow; almost as though the other woman still exists. Meanwhile, another woman’s body has been discovered, but this time, it becomes even more personal for Abe, because the feds uncover the fact that before marrying Angelina, Abe had connections to the deceased, deepening the suspicion that he may be also be responsible for the disappearance of his own wife in “Cane and Abe” by James Grippando.

The Gillespies have always been the picture perfect family. In fact, every year, Angela Gillespie fills in the blanks for all of her close friends and family by chronicling all her family’s most inspiring moments in an end of the year letter. Told from a cheerful viewpoint, the letters have always reflected a full and happy family life for the Gillespies. This year, however, Angela shocks everyone with the truth in her letter; the truth that her perfect family is far from perfect; the truth about the unhappiness that lies beneath the surface of her family, and the truth about her own unhappiness. Angela is the glue that holds the family together, but when she suffers a bump to the head that takes her memory from her, leaving her with temporary amnesia, Angela’s family pulls themselves up by the bootstraps and pull together in ways that surprise them all in “Hello From the Gillespies” by Monica McInerney.

Tragedy befalls a small town when a plane crashes during an air show, killing dozens. Under the debris is thirteen year old Ava, and her friend, Wash. Badly injured from the crash, Wash is miraculously healed when Ava lays her hands upon him. Before this moment, Ava’s ‘gift’ has been a well-kept secret. Now Ava’s gift has gone public and people from all over the world begin flocking to her for physical healing. Her unique gift, however, is causing Ava to physically weaken, for with every healing she offers, her own health suffers more. As Ava searches for a way to escape her predicament, she discovers that Wash has a secret of his own, and it is up to Ava to decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for the ones she loves most in “The Wonder of Things” by Jason Mott.

Incredible, amazing, wonderful and overwhelmingly fabulous; those are some words to describe each and every one of these new fiction titles from your local branch of JCPL; and that can only mean one thing; they are all well on their way to the AWESOME BOX!
Photo: A Street Named Awesome by moonlightbulb available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0