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Enjoy These New Adult Fiction Titles Thoroughly, Through and Through!

girl contorting her tongue and crossing her eyes

American pianist, conductor and composer, David Burge had it right when he said, “Yes, the English language can be weird. It can be understood through tough, thorough thought, though.”

Though the thought behind this tough sentence might be thorough, the toughest thought, is that although thorough, it may be true, through and through.

If you can get through the tough thoughts, you can break through to more thorough, though logical thinking, and that tough thought being said, the next most thorough thought you may have is this:

What thoughts do my thorough friends at JCPL think may be tough but true? How about these thoroughly thought-through new fiction titles?

The mountain looming over Palm Springs holds memories for Wolf Truly. Now a grown man, he begins telling the story that changed the course of his life at the age of 18. As he tells his only son, Daniel the story that he has held back for most of his life, he relives the tale of survival that he endured in the unforgiving wilderness so many years ago. Standing on the top of the mountain, planning to commit suicide on his 18th birthday, Wolf Truly encounters three women, wandering aimlessly on the mountain after losing their way. With no way down, Truly and these women endure five days in freezing temperatures with no food, water or shelter, but each must use their wits to survive and have the courage to beat the odds in ‘The Mountain Story’ by Lori Lansens.

After escaping an unhappy past, Susan McCarthy is living a new life with a new identity, and she couldn’t be happier. Now engaged to Rob Dugdale, the health center manager finally feels she has outrun her past life as Jennifer Reynolds. When three women go missing without a trace and a local teenager is found dead, the media surge begins and Susan fears that her past is about to catch up with her in ‘Swimming in the Shadows’ by Diane Janes.

War crimes and their consequences are the focus of ‘The Skeleton Road,’ mystery writer, Val McDermid’s newest thriller. The story begins in historic Edinburgh, where an abandoned Victorian Gothic building is about to be demolished and converted into luxury flats. When skeletal remains surface in a long-unused portion of the building, cold case detective, Karen Pirie, is called in to unravel the mystery surrounding the eerie discovery. Digging deeper and deeper into the case, however, it becomes apparent that justice must be served in this unforgettable thriller.

Newly married to Flora Myfanwy, funeral director, Wilfred Price is getting ready to become a father; reading books and opening a paint and wallpaper business. Wilfred is enjoying his new life with Flora, and with his first wife, Grace, out of the picture, he concentrates all of his efforts on his new wife and future child. But even though Grace is out of sight and out of mind, she knows that her old life will come calling soon enough. Grace has a secret; and her secret will not be hidden for much longer. Find out what happens when the past comes calling in ‘The World is a Wedding,’ book number 2 in the Wilfred Price saga by Wendy Jones.

Six assassins, all sent on a mission to steal a fortune, retreat to the shadows when the mission fails tragically. Former military spy, Judd Ryder, notices something strange as he heads home one day, and when the man who could be twins with Ryder is killed in a hit and run right outside of his house, Ryder knows that he was the intended victim. A little investigating on Ryder’s part reveals that his ‘double’ has fallen victim to Cold War assassin, “The Carnivore,” so Ryder teams up with CIA trainee, Eva Blake to smoke him out before they get caught in the crossfire in ‘The Assassins’ by Gayle Lynds.

Thoroughly thought-out, just for you, these new fiction titles at JCPL are tried and true. Tough, though really new, you’ll love them all, thoroughly enjoying them, through and through!