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Get the Facts From These Great, New Non-Fiction Reads @ JCPL!

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One of my favorite games is Trivia Crack. Am I good at it? Not really, but it’s fun trying to remember what I learned in geography, history, science, & art, and how much I pay attention to the world of entertainment and sports.

Mostly those two subjects are a shot in the dark as far as answers go; they are, by far, my worst topics, so I surf, now and then, on sites that offer fun facts, just in case I am ever in the market for a quick answer in a game of Trivia Crack.

I’ve come across fun facts such as ‘it’s physically impossible to lick your elbow’ and ‘all polar bears are left handed,’ and ‘Americans eat 18 acres of pizza a day,’ and ‘the sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep is sick’ is the toughest tongue twister in the English language.

If you feel like you would like a ‘heads up’ on your facts, this article is for you! Read on for some great, new non-fiction titles from your local branch of JCPL, filled with accurate, up to date information to be stored for later use!

The mystery, science and secrets about love and the complete journey of how to make it last are revealed in ‘The Real Thing: Lessons on Love and Life from a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook’ by Ellen McCarthy. This guide to love and romance offers insight as to what to look for in a true Soul Mate, the secrets of successful dating, and picking the person with whom you can build a foundation of trust and enduring romance.

The history of our nation’s struggle for independence takes on a life of its own in ‘Whirlwind,’ an engaging narrative written by John Ferling. This historical tribute to the American Revolution is storytelling at its best, full of detail and illustrations unique in their own right that carefully examines, in a fast-paced style, the Revolutionary War.

The secret lives of western screech owls is captured in ‘The House of Owls,’ a remarkable and fascinating account of author, Tony Angell’s experiences observing pairs of these daunting birds in their everyday habitat, which happened to be in a  nest just outside the window of the  Angell family’s forest home. This book examines the characteristics of owls, offering an overview and vivid descriptions of nineteen species of owls found in North America, emphasizing the interaction of owls with humans and their impact they have on our lives. Complete with sketches of owls in their natural element, this book illustrates the power of this species of bird to inspire respect, captivating humans with their inquisitive and beguiling behavior.

Three young wives bravely defy death to save their unborn children in ‘Born Survivors’ by Wendy Holden. The year is 1944; the place is Eastern Europe. Rachel, Priska and Anka are up against evil, as each is sent to Auschwitz without their husbands and families, many of whom have been gassed by the Nazis already. Each woman is pregnant and each is determined to hold onto what they have left, concealing their conditions so that they will not be detected. Living in fear daily, the three inmates are sent to Mauthausen concentration camp where they continue their fight for survival.

If you are dealing with hearing loss, or you are a family member of someone who is, ‘The Hearing Loss Guide’ by John M. Burkey offers practical advice, and up to date information that is based on the experiences of audiologist, John M. Burkey. This book offers hope and help with basic facts for hearing impairment treatments, as well as personal recommendations from other people who are coping with the same difficulties, and their suggestions for successful treatment options.

Elephants are the only animal that can’t jump, and did you know that when we are actively thinking, we’re actually only using 35% of our brain? These facts come courtesy of ‘Funology,’ and the above titles come courtesy of your friends at the Jasper County Public Library, where it’s a fact that you’ll love learning facts AND fiction!