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Great New Adult Fiction is Always in Season @ Your Local Branch of JCPL!


I will name this article ‘Adventures in Babysitting, Part 2.’ With four children, ages 4-12, in my care much of the time, there are always tales to tell. One morning as I ventured into the home of my daughter and four grandchildren, I was greeted by one of their two cats. Wondering where the other one was, I went about the morning routine, only later thinking to ask where the other kitty was and if she was ok. Asking my nine year old granddaughter where Sugar had been that morning, she replied, “Oh, she was probably out hunting mice, you know, getting as many as she can before hunting season is over.”

“Does hunting season for mice end soon?” I asked. She replied, “Well, soon it will be getting colder and Sugar needs as many mice as she can get before hunting season is over for mice.” Hmmm…to everything there is a season, I guess, and all good things must come to an end, but I know of one thing that is always in season…a GOOD BOOK! Read on for some really great, new fiction that you’ll find at your local branch of JCPL, this very season!

Lucy Toomey is on the fast track to success; her boss is ready to enter the White House and her career is taking shape in a great way. Her life, however, is about to change, as she discovers that her mentally challenged and estranged older sister, Alice, has unexpectedly died. Due to the strange terms of Alice’s will, Lucy is drawn back to Nilson’s Bay, the small Wisconsin town that she grew up in. As she takes up temporary residence in her sister’s cottage, she meets Alice’s diverse group of friends, whose deep affection for her sister is evident when they bring Lucy into the fold of  their close knit group in ‘The Second Sister’ by Marie Bostwick.

Thirty four year old Jill Beech finds her life bewildering at best. While all of her friends have seemed to find their niche, Jill is yet adrift in the sea of life, jumping from one job to another after ending a nine year relationship with the man she loves. Internet dates don’t quite make the grade and Jill is anything but average, but when some shocking news heads her way, Jill’s life flips in unexpected ways, taking her to the edge in ‘Head for the Edge, Keep Walking’ by Kate Tough.

As a bank teller, twenty three year old Elaine Kelly does not have a huge bank account herself, and most of her meager earnings are spent caring for her terminally ill mother. The wild ride begins when an old gentleman customer of Elaine’s passes away, leaving behind a $1 million dollar bank account. In her desperation to make ends meet, Elaine convinces herself that transferring those funds into her own account is a fair trade; after all, he’s dead and won’t need it any longer. Things get hairy for Elaine, though, when it turns out that the lonely old man was not at all who she thought he was and she finds herself pulled into the dark world of New York’s wealthy financial empire in ‘The Teller’ by Jonathan Stone.

The novel that mysteriously appeared on Catherine Ravenscroft’s bedside table tells the vivid details of a day that Catherine would rather forget; a terrible day that she became hostage to a dark secret; a secret so awful that only one other person ever knew about it, and that person is now dead. The reality that Catherine has always dreaded is hitting her full force, and her haunting past has come knocking on her door, threatening to destroy her in ‘Disclaimer’ by Renee Knight.

You might think you have to hunt high and low, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt when you are looking for a good book to read. Let your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library be your ‘happy hunting ground’ for all of your future fiction reading needs, and , as always, happy hunting!