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Operation 'New Adult Fiction' is Underway @ JCPL!

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Learning new things is daunting; following directions is not my strong-suit. Discovering, however, that You-Tube contains so many useful tutorials, mostly made by real people, I have come to depend on this quick, concise video format to learn how to complete a variety of tasks.

One morning, entering my daughter’s house where I would have more ‘adventures in babysitting,’ I could hear my 4 year old grandson, busy on his iPad. I heard him say, “Yes! Surgery is done on You-Tube! Now I can do surgery FOR REAL!” Having said this, he flew through the house, presumably in search of someone or something to ‘operate’ on.

Now I knew; the only thing I needed to concentrate on that morning was the whereabouts of the other children, the dog and their two kitties, so that they would not fall victim to the mad scientist in his quest for ‘Surgery FOR REAL!’ There went my plans for a relaxing morning reading my book!

In the event that you do not have to supervise a four year old in search of a REAL patient, relax and check out the following new fiction titles from your local branch of JCPL!

Alice Edevane is a sixteen year old would-be writer. Penning mysteries is her passion, and life at her family’s Cornwall, England lavish estate allows Alice time to think and imagine tales of suspense. After her parents hold a party at their lakeside estate, entertaining hundreds of guests, a real mystery occurs that shatters the family and changes them forever. Alice’s eleven month old brother, Theo, has mysteriously disappeared from the family’s home; gone without a trace. Years later, Theo’s case has never been solved, and Alice has grown up and moved to London, now living out her own dream as a successful author. Enter Detective Sadie Sparrow, young and new to the London Police Force. Sadie is temporarily living in her grandfather’s house, which is located very near the Edvane’s crumbling old estate in Cornwall. When Sadie’s curiosity about the estate and the family’s past tragedy is sparked, old wounds are opened, and the truths and secrets of the past come calling, intersecting the lives of Alice and Sadie in very unexpected ways in ‘The Lake House’ by Kate Morton.

Living a somewhat dreary and ordinary life in the suburbs, Rose feels bitter disappointment at the way her life has turned out, yet her dreams offer adventure and excitement that Rose rarely feels in her day to day existence. In her dreams, Rose lives on a beautiful island, and on this island is her best friend, Hugo; a young boy who has grown up right alongside Rose and is now her hero as a grown man. But alas, Hugo is only real in Rose’s dreams; that is, until she encounters him one day by chance and her obsession with the hero she believes Hugo to be threatens everything Rose holds dear in ‘Hugo & Rose’ by Bridget Foley.

Georgia Ford knows the secrets to making a perfect bottle of wine, the ingredients to make the perfect pan of lasagna and the secret to ending a fight; all of these secrets she learned growing up on her family’s Sonoma vineyard. Now thirty years old, Georgia has fallen in love and is about to get married. Just one week before the nuptials take place, however, Georgia makes a discovery about her fiancé that brings about such an emotional explosion that their lives are forever altered. Returning to her family’s vineyard in search of comfort and solace, Georgia is shocked to discover that her fiancé is not the only one harboring secrets in ‘Eight Hundred Grapes’ by Laura Dave.

At the year’s end, Winter Street Inn owner, Kelley Quinn, finds himself reflecting on the past year’s events in Nantucket, and as he writes letters to friends and family, he realizes that although misfortune and trials were part of the past year, there is also much to celebrate from the past months. There is Genevieve, his son’s firstborn child, to dote on, there is a peaceful calm between Kelley and his ex-wife Margaret to be grateful for, and his daughter, Ava, seems to have finally found a nice young man to bring home to the family’s holiday celebration. The peaceful family gathering that Kelley so looked forward to, however, goes belly-up when Kelley’s second ex-wife, Mitzi, shows up as a surprise guest and the ghosts of Christmases past rear their ugly heads in ‘Winter Stroll’ by Elin Hilderbrand.

Confucius says: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; third, by experience, which is the bitterest.” Operation ‘bitter’ is about to begin, as my four year old grandson thinks he can do surgery after ‘imitating’ You-Tube. I, however, would rather live by this: Confucius says; “You can never open a book without learning something.” And so my friends, open a book from your local branch of JCPL and let ‘operation read-a-great-new-fiction title’ begin!