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Hike on Over to Your Local Branch of JCPL for Great, New Fiction!!

book with campfire in background

Plenty of vacations taken through the years stand out in my mind. Isn’t it always nice to get away? Nicer, still, to get home and just enjoy relaxing with your family.

Some folks like adventure; some like scenery; others just enjoy the thrill of seeing something different.

Some really brave folks take adventure to a new level by going on a Survival Mission of some sort, wanting to ‘become one with nature’ and ‘find themselves’ in the wilderness, escaping from real life and trading it for a few weeks of hiking (blisters), sleeping outdoors (wet & cold; brrrr!) no bathrooms (speaks for itself) and the ruggedness of carrying a backpack, which contains every supply that you will need on your journey of hardship and ‘oneness with Mother Nature’ (who, by the way, can be a little moody at times).

I, myself, prefer to just read about experiences such as these, and am currently in the middle of “Happiness for Beginners,” by Katherine Center, where I have just met Helen Carpenter, a thirty two year old, divorced schoolteacher, who is desperate to pull herself together and change her life, as well as some parts of herself. She has, in an effort to achieve these goals, just signed herself up for three weeks in the wilderness; hiking in a remote mountain range along with a group of young men and women who are strangers to her. As she suffers the indignities and life-changing adventures of the three week long mission, Helen begins to feel a transformation, and even as she is more lost than ever on that adventure, starts to find out who she really is for the very first time in her life.

New Orleans Securities Broker, Hunter Galen, suspects his partner, James Nowak, of embezzlement. The two men are friends as well as business partners, though, and because of their friendship, Galen is reluctant to confront Nowak of his suspicions. When Nowak turns up dead, Private Investigator, Nicki Price, sets out to uncover the mystery behind the stockbroker’s murder, only to encounter blackmail and other sophisticated games while death threats swirl about in “Midnight on the Mississippi” by Mary Ellis.

Dr. Lise Shields has been at Menaker State Hospital for five years, where Maryland’s judicial system has sent many a hardened criminal to live, committed to the correctional facility for the rest of their lives for perpetrating heinous crimes. When a new patient arrives at the facility, Dr. Shields finds herself confused; the new patient obviously does not belong there, but there seem to be no answers, only more questions in “The Forgetting Place,” the follow-up to “The Absence of Mercy” by John Burley.

The Herrington family gets together in Cape Cod every summer; it is an annual event that the three Herrington girls, Maggie, Jess and Virgie, all look forward to. It is meant to be fun and relaxing, but this summer the girls have arrived, as usual, with their husbands and children, but find things to be very different, because their parents are now divorced. When their mother, Gloria, shows up for an uninvited visit, chaos erupts because she has also brought her new boyfriend along, making the old Cape Cod house feel mighty cramped in “The Summer of Good Intentions” by Wendy Francis.

You can find a mountain to climb, new scenery in a road trip, a beautiful, relaxing beach to lie on; there are scores of different ways to escape the monotony of everyday life. You can find these, and many more ways to escape in a new adult fiction title from your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where no tickets, gas, hiking boots or blisters are required!

Photo: Reading Fireside by Aprilzosia on Flickr